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Episode 91: Dream Stew [Ep 352] (2h)

It's been a while since our last recording, but we've still got plenty of meat on these bones. In this episode of Casca's dream world, we're treated to Berserk Armor + Guts Dog + Sylph's Cloak + Golem hijinks, and of course a big ol' bird! Put em' all together, add some trauma, and baby you've got a stew going!

Walter ducks out for the last hour of the show while Griff, Aaz and Grail discuss the latest Star movie.

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So fast!  :isidro:

I'll be sure to listen to this later while I'm work. (Dam these extra holiday hours!)

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, guys.

GiantSword Mufasa:
Now thatís a Christmas gift!

ooo. I missed the fact that you uploaded a Skullcast. Now I have something to listen to while my family talk at me at the Christmas table. :daiba:

thanks guys!


--- Quote from: Walter on December 23, 2017, 12:10:21 PM ---

--- End quote ---

That stew looks so good. I ended up being sick the last few days, woke up Christmas morning with the worst cold I've had in years. Now I'm back at work still ill (I've gone the whole year without using sick time, just a few more days and I'll get a big bonus) but at least I'll be able to listen to the skullcast while I'm taking it easy. Thanks guys!

Seriously though, I wish I had that stew right now.  :beast:


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