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I have no idea how I never found this forum in all my time as an internet nerd.

I've been into Berserk since the late 90's when I saw the anime and I began reading the manga in high school in the early 2000's.

Dark Souls is a huge interest of mine, as well as most things Star Wars/Star Trek.

I design in my free time, making forum signatures, avatars, stuff of that nature.

Mostly just looking to be a part of a cool community that values Berserk the way i do.

Welcome! We've been around since 2001. Prior to that, a handful of us were at Black Sun Over Midland, the first US Berserk forum. You can also check out our podcast, which we started back in 2012:

Will do as far as the broadcast! And that's somewhat hilarious. Berserk was the first manga/anime I got into back in my childhood, but when I got into forums around 2004 there was nothing I could find, though I admit my web searching skills were super limited back then.

But I'm glad I found this place. The only places I can really discuss Berserk in are my Instagram group and my Discord channel.


This forum is great. Mods are cool/helpful, and the episode discussions/podcasts are some of the best I've seen in the Berserk community. I'm not sure, but I think even has a Discord server if you're into that. Hope you stick around!


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