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Episode 93: Awakening (Ep. 354) (1h)

We've reached a stage in the story of Berserk where nearly everything that had been prophesied has already occurred. So what's next?

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Just so you guys know, I was waiting for this all day.  :guts:

On the topic of Casca's expression upon waking up, I thought it looked as though she were waking up from a dream. Maybe calling back to the Dreamcast game where she seems to recall the Eclipse as a bad dream. Except now that she's really awake and regained her sanity, she'll have to deal with the fact that it wasn't just a bad dream. (Also, of course, Corridor of Dreams).

Also completely agree about Casca eventually taking charge of Guts' Band. I could definitely see her bringing more authority and discipline to the group (almost like a mercenary commander :slan:). Bonus points for when they eventually begin waving a banner bearing the symbol of the original Band of the Falcon (but that's just speculation).

Keep making podcasts guys! I love your content!

If only you guys were on Spotify. I would be listening to all these episodes every day at work.

Great work as always guys.

I really liked how you guys emphasized how while dog-Guts and the Femto-falcon represented said characters in Cascaís mind, those entities were still fundamentally at their core Casca herself (or aspects of her). As I have seen other reactions (from outside this site) that seem to forget and/or deemphasize that fact, and treat dog-Guts and Fenton-falcon as independent of Cascaís psyche and arenít indicative of her conflicted subconscious in regards to her to the restoration of her sanity.

Speaking of which, I agree that it itís almost somewhat comedic that Skull Knightís ominous words in Episode 237 basically turned out pretty straightforward in their meaning (after all the years of speculation and anxiety over them): that parts of Casca wonít be wholely glad to have her sanity/lucidity restored because of the pain and trauma of having to face and deal with her memories/experience will almost certainly entail.
How Casca will express herself now initially will be really interesting to see (as we saw with her dream, parts of her wanted to return/restore her sanity, while a lot other parts didnít) especially since I think how much/how clearly sheíll remember her post-Eclipse experiences I expect will be a significant factor in molding her initial new characterization/character interactions. I sorta expect/hope that Casca will half-remember her post-Eclipse memories, making her sorta feel like she has Deja vu interacting with Farnese and Gutsí other comrades, that she feels like she knows them emotionally even if she consciously doesnít/canít remember them clearly (so like Farnese would be like a comforting presence to Casca, but she doesnít know why exactly she feels that way).

Great skullkast. I really enjoyed your conversation on Cascas possible future reaction to being "forcefully" healed. You guys basically hit every single base and that was pretty awesome.

Tensions are extremely high right now, and I feel for Guts and the storm to come. I know he must be nervous about Cascas return more than anyone. Except maybe me haha.

And I do believe that Farnese will have that "I took care of you so you will listen to what I have to say" mentality like you guys said. And I feel bad for Farnese if Casca blows her off. Farnese has grown on me a lot in recent episodes. I certainly didn't expect that. Good character development.


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