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Art of War: Guts & Zodd "Desperate Attack" (2018)


Hey, my first thread here! And this is a re-release, isn't it?

--- Quote ---This product is originated from the Berserk Comics Vol.32 Episode #277. Facing against an overwhelming enemy Ganishka, Guts joined himself with the other enemy ZODD, and they burst into sky together. It is extremely difficult to reflect circumstance of the scene to statue itself such as lightning sky. But we have finally succeeded to represent force of the original scene by painting lightning directly on molding. From clouds being dyed with purple and orange, Guts and Zodd rush to enemy despite the lightning burns their body. The most impressive point of the item is lightning on Zodd's wings. Our artist painted the patterns one by one with his hand in detail.
--- End quote ---

The Beast of Darkness:
Yes, it's a re-release.


--- Quote from: Walter on March 08, 2018, 01:42:35 PM ---Hey, my first thread here! And this is a re-release, isn't it?

--- End quote ---

Yeah and we all got the email from AOW days ago, old man. :iva: :slan:

Hey I can search the SITE to see if it's been posted yet, but I can't search your EMAIL.  :void:



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