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Author Topic: Next addition to the crew  (Read 1081 times)

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Next addition to the crew
« on: March 21, 2004, 07:30:12 AM »
Due to what is coming up in the next few chapters, do you think guts will have a talk with skully in 237 and skull decides to tag along? Or will they go to that church port and meet up with azan? Or will they bump in to rickert and erica along the way, sience rickert is an ex-hawk? Or will yours truly somehow find his way inside the world of berserk and kick ass... and die?
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Re:Next addition to the crew
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2004, 11:53:55 PM »
With all the different groups/people in Berserk as of now - the Kushan Empire, the Bakiraka, the band of the Hawk, Guts' crew, Godhand, Rickert & Erica, Skullknight, and possibly a group in Elfhelm - it would only make sense for some of these groups to merge. There are so many damn characters at this point and knowing Miura he will want to develop all of them, so if he introduces more characters/groups and devotes half a volume to each character/group, the series will never end. And since I don't think anyone is going to die anytime soon, no one important that is, I see this as the only possibility.

Rickert & Erica will probably be reintroduced into the story at some point, perhaps they will rendezvous with Guts and crew in Elfhelm. Meanwhile Silatt/Bakiraka may ally with Rakshas and all of them will ally with Griffith/BOTH to defeat Ganishka/Kushan empire. This way the story can progress quicker, now that all the bad guys and good guys are in their own spots. Skull Knight will probably meet them there too. But I doubt Skull Knight will actually join the party because if he travels with them, his shroud of mystery will soon disappear and his mystery will probably only disappear near the end. He'll probably continue to drop in from time to time, giving the crew pointers and plot hints about who he really is.

I just hope that no more big characters or groups are introduced in the next chapter. The story is great so far, but it can be messed up real easily if all of these awesome characters don't get developed just because there is an overabundance of them.