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The purpose of this thread is to act as an information source for people who'd like to get more involved in the Creation Station.  Along with providing tutorials if there are any questions reguarding process, please post them here.

Tutorials by Members:

Lithrael - Photoshop Coloring Basics

CnC - How I work

CnC - Vagabond Tutorial - Layer Organization

Other tutorials:

Light - A detailed tutorial  - a cool theory tutorial that can benefit any attempt at repoducing light.

Color Wheel: Color Theory Basics  - Some basics on choosing colors for your work.

Color Wheel: Color Scheme Generator  - A generator to help choose colors using the color wheel.

-hopefully this post will grow in the future.  Thanks and enjoy.

Great idea CnC, this will help a bunch of people out! That light tutorial is really helpfull, I'm reading through it right now. Hopefully after it I'll be able to add successfull lighting to my colorings, haha.

thanks, though!

Thanks, just what I need to try and start coloring again :guts:

Ooooo...  That's a fantastic lighting tute/essay.  It's like it's pointed straight at my weaknesses.  Thanks for finding & posting it!   :void:

Thanks alot Cnc. I this helps alot :guts:


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