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The Perineum Falcon:
I'll give an introduction later. I don't feel like it now.

Follow my lead and post something to make me laugh.:badbone:
I heard that right after he saw this, Jackie Chan swore to never make another good movie. He knew he could never match the power and prowess possessed by these incredible, completely heterosexual men.
Coincidently, he made Rush Hour soon after.
And I completely believe EVERY WORD they say.
An' ev'r'one who agree, say YEAH!!

haha.  hilarious clips.

we'll keep an eye out for you, stingray!

..uh, yeah!  see ya!

Another good one.

hahaha,  all of those are great.

"Your stronger then you think.." ;)

I'll edit my post when I pull up some funny ones; I remember a couple, just have to find the links.

edit: hmm, can't seem to find the good ones :( well here is a kinda funny paintball video. If you've ever played Paintball you know it stings pretty bad when you get shot, so this must of hurt like hell.

Awesome stuff Slightly Green. I'll post more if I find something interesting.

Good stuff.  :guts:

Here is one I find ridiculous. You pay like 60 - 80 thousand dollars for a hummer, hummer 2, or the stupid new little one, and they SUCK very badly off road:

I started watching this and the very first clip just blew my mind!  :isidro:

The middle has an old Ford, old Chevy Blazer, and a bunch of Jeeps flying around and the damn Hummer, well, it just sucks. The last part shows if you just randomly have enough money and decide to buy a hummer, you definitley have more money than sense.


 - C


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