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In a thread in Berserk Misc., many members have been penning questions to Miura regarding a few non-spoiler mysteries of Berserk. You can check the thread here.

What we've done is assemble a list of the best questions of the thread and we hope to get this letter translated into Japanese so we can actually address this to Miura himself. I'm looking for any final thoughts, since this is an action that will represent the entire community.

Here's what I came up with for the full package:

--- Quote ---To Kentarou Miura,

I am a longtime fan and devoted reader. I operate, a website for fans of Berserk. We have grown into an international community of about 6,000 members that has been faithfully following your work since about 1999. Over time, we have accumulated several questions about the series and your views on the Berserk world. Several of our members voted on which questions would be addressed to you in this format.

 We would all be deeply humbled if you could answer these unobtrusive questions, which we feel would give us a deeper understanding of the series.

1 ) To the readers, Guts as a character has grown tremendously in the past few years, but how much time has elapsed in the Berserk world since the end of the Golden Age arc in Volume 14? (i.e. Lost Children - Millennium Falcon)

2 ) Regarding the kanji "Taka," do you intend that to be Falcon or Hawk? Was there ever a conscious change in its usage, such as after Griffith's reincarnation, or has it always been "falcon" to you?

3 ) Just before the launch of the Millennium Falcon arc, you were quoted as saying now you felt you were truly on the starting line of the series. Is that accurate? If that is the case, how far along are we in the story at this point?

4 ) It's been years since the last art book release. There may now be enough content for 2-3 additional books. Do you plan to release any more based on your sketches and paintings?

5 ) What portion of the story was the most difficult in terms of making hard decisions about where to take the direction of the series? Any regrets?

6 ) You've talked of post-Berserk projects in the past. Do you still expect to do it, or will you be enjoying retirement after having spent so long working on Berserk?

7 ) Do you feel a sense of achievement at what you've accomplished over all those years? Was it worth the sacrifices to your life and health it has required?

8 ) Could you describe an average day in your studio? How many hours each day do you work?

9 ) Can we have some more details on why Episode 83 was left out of the collected volume? Do you consider the events in the episode to be canon? Can we expect to see or hear from the Idea of Evil again before the end of the series?

10 ) Rumors of a second season, or new animation of Berserk have been persistent since the first animation's conclusion. These have all been proven false, in time. But to be perfectly sure, are there plans for a continuation of the animation?

- Frank ("Walter") Smith & the community.

--- End quote ---

I would really love to know more about Mr. Miura's work environment and episode production.

)What is an average day in your studio like?

I would say forget the animation question, there are much more interesting things to ask.

If we got any kind of answer back to any of these questions that would be unreal.

A note: Something should be added after the questions... something encouraging and friendly, maybe less formal.  Something... witty. :void:

Yeah, it was mentioned along with others in the main thread, but I think it would have to be very loosely worded, like the way you have it here, for him to give a good response. I'll add it to the list.


--- Quote from: pippin22 on October 23, 2008, 12:01:04 AM ---A note: Something should be added after the questions... something encouraging and friendly, maybe less formal.  Something... witty. :void:
--- End quote ---

Keep in mind most of the letter will have to be rephrased not to sound supremely rude in Japanese anyway (it's pretty much inevitable), so you can forget about being witty.

Just wondering how this might go.
We (someone on compose an excellent list of questions. Formal, respectful, mature, insightful.
Then we send it! But to where? A physical letter or email?
YA? Miura's Studio?

We have to attach something that gives weight to the letter.

Ok, now this idea might seem lame, but, why not spruce it up big time?

Send a real letter. On hecka nice paper, get a little seal made up, stamp it that piece. Give the letter an appearance of coming from a place that LOVES this man and his work.
Also, personally, I'd provide something about itself. How long we've been in existence, how large our community is, etc.

I just think they receive these types of questions/requests often and we might be overlooked. So if we all want to see our questions answered, then we should all brainstorm on how to make an impression.


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