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This year is flying by. Life is going well and there is much to be thankful for. Hit up Florida in March. My lady surprised me with a dip in the water, swimming next to manatees. Took my daughter to knotfest and plan on a road trip to Chicago for Rammstein. Made a fun sign from fence pickets. Linked in the comment below.
You know what word i really can’t stand now? “Content”
There's so much content out there that it's hard to find something you'd be content with. Decision paralysis ^_^

Piggybacking on this idea, I cannot (for the life of me) stand it when someone makes a Berserk-related post and calls out to anyone reading in this way "Hello fellow strugglers" or "Hello strugglers" ... that word - strugglers - within that context = 1000% cringe.

A thing of nightmares would be to log into the board and find every post/ topic on here start with that sort of messaging - THE HORROR!
We need more IP and content for the folks, Oburi!
As a new Berserk fan, it's almost unfathomable to me how long Berserk had been running. I was looking at the episode release schedule on the forum, and found out that Guts left the Hawks 28 years ago today.
That's the cover date, in truth the episode were he left came out 2 weeks before! :slan: But yeah, Berserk ran for a long time.
I can't believe that it's already 1 year since Miura has passed away. Rest in peace, Miura-sensei. You'll always be missed and never forgotten.
I’ve beaten Elden Ring three times with three different builds now. I can definitely say a Guts build is the way to go. :guts:
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I did a Guts build just to try out and it basically poise broke everything, including bosses. You have to tank some hits but basically you can just spam attack and they'll be helpless sooner rather than later.
The Ashes of War breaks them even further. Royal Knight's resolve increases the damage by an absurd amount. A hit that normally does 1100 could do 3000 within the right circumstance. Lion's Claw, (Artorias/Berserker Armor swing) is another good one with its high damage and super armor. It also recently got buffed, so I would recommend it. (Not to mention it just looks awesome)
I made an order of 16 Berserk Konami tcg cards for a nice price to Grorum last week-end. The cards were commons, unco ,rare and foils. The order arrived in very good condition with all the cards sleeved and well protected.
Thanks again for the cards Kévin !
A quick little doodle i did during some slow time at my job.
As the year comes to a close I’m left wondering what I can look forward to. Berserk had a special place in my heart. As it did for everyone here. Even though I’m a short time reader compared to most. When I discovered Berserk it felt like something that should’ve always been part of my life was found. Miura and Berserk were always there. Even with the hiatuses. I pressed on in my daily life. Doing work that made me proud. Like Miura was proud of his manuscripts. Never being satisfied with his work. Miura was a hero. When the news broke that Miura had left this world I wanted to cry out. Cry like the egg apostle cried out to the angels. But those cries would be selfish. The important thing is the great community of SK.Net that will keep Berserk and Miura’s legacy going for years to come. No matter what the New Years bring. Thank you Miura and thank you
I have finally made my hommage to Berserk. Its a mix of my own characters in an eclipse setting. I dont want to create an account on a site for just one picture so I'm dropping instagram for those interested in seeing it. I hope its okay. @nic_legeek

Ps: its not an attempt to have more followers. Not the case at all, I just want to share this important piece of art with other berserk fans.

Thank you!
Well Inktober 2021 has started. Im doing my own again this year if you wanna see what kind of art I do let me know! The final piece will be my Berserk hommage!
Hi Whtiehawk,

I've been searching back through the site history for old posts about the TCG. I know it's a longshot, but I'm wondering if you still had any TCG singles or product you're willing to sell. I've been collecting for about a year and am getting to the point where the only stuff left to collect is sealed packs, super rares, secrets, foils, and promos. I also need a lot of the BK5 rares. Any help is appreciated!

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