Chapter of Lost Children

Chapter 117: Fairy in the Sky

-translations by Graywords [04.26.02]

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Zepec: Jill:


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Jill: Zepec: Jill: Zepec: Jill: Zepec:

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Jill: Puck: Jill: Puck: Jill:

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Farnese: Serpico: Farnese:

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Guts: Jill:

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Guts: Jill: Guts: Jill:

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Puck: Jill: Puck: Jill:

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Guts: Jill: Guts:

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Jill: Guts:

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Spirit: Puck: Jill: Spirit:

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Jill: Puck: Jill: Guts:

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Jill: Guts:

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Jill: Guts: Jill: Guts: Jill:

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Narration (Jill): Jill: Narration:

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Jill: Puck: Jill:

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Puck: Jill: Narration: Jill: Puck: Narration: Puck:

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Narration: [Chapter of the Lost Children END]