Berserk: Episode 213: Torrent

  p 2)

Fa: Serpico!!

  p 3)

Se: I was too careless...!!
Is: Watch out!! Serpico!!

  p 4)

Fa: Ser....!!
Pr: No!! You might fall!!

  p 5)

Se: The water is being pushed away from the kelpie!?

  p 6)

Gu: What the hell!?
Gu: Pillars of the water are moving through the Trolls!? This is!?

  p 7)

Pr: Is this also magic!?

  p 8 )

Fa: This...!?
Pr: W...what do I see now....!?
Ev: That is the spirit of the water. Schierke and the spirit of the water have become one. It's called possession.

  p 9)

Villagers: Hey?! That's a...!? An angel...!?
S(possessed) : I am kindred of the water, the spirit of the river which runs through this earth. Following the old
               pledge, I'll purify the evil spirits which have soiled this earth.
S(possessed): I, countess of the water, order the element.
Carry the evil spirts which occupy this earth all over in a torrent and sweep them away into the darkness of the
astral world.

  p 10)

S: .... water?

  p 11)

S: Come forth.
Our kindred
Reverse your flow and run!

  p 12)

Gu: An earthquake..!?
Is: W.. What's this now?
Se: Well, it looks dangerous
Fa: That?
Ev: She's become the water spirit... the water itself
Pr: AAA....!!

  p 13)

Is: The R...river!?
  Overflowing...!? Its coming this way!!!

  P 15)

Gu: This is magic!!

  p 16)

Villagers: Look! The trolls are being swept away!!
Villagers: My house!
Is: H..hey! You?? 

  p 19)

Villagers: Step inside!! You could get swept away!
Pu: Dropy? 
End Episode 213: Torrent