Episode 224: Flame (2)

Translation by Saiki:

Page 1

Schierke: Mistress!!

Flora: Listen carefully to me, my beloved student.

Page 2

Flora: Take that to the Black Swordsman. Hurry.

Page 3

Schierke: That, no you couldn't be......!! What happenned!? Why did this...!?

Flora: A terrifying enemy is closing in. There is little time left for the swordsman at this rate.

Schierke: Enemy...!? What kind of!?

Isidro: Hey, what are you doing!

Schierke: And master, at this rate, you......!!

Flora: You were well aware what was going to happen. The time has come.

Schierke: But. But not...not like this......this is too terrible. It should have been more peaceful...to be wrapped in flames like this

Page 4

Flora: It seems I have bad karma. A magic user such as yourself should know how sinful it is for a human to go above the laws of time and live long. Do not be sad, we magic users know that death is not the end and that it is just a change in the way our lives are. (she doesn't say heavy/important but that's pretty much what she's saying. At least, thats how I took it as)

Schierke: But! But...I'm still lonely. I... The knee pillows under the sun, the afternoon tea time with the golems. It will all be gone. It will all burn. (sorry, I cant think of any better way to put this one)

Flora: Schierke.

Page 7

Guts: What a blow..!! It feels like I got shot with a hammer that crushes castles...!! And he's still in his human form... His strength is above the average apostle!!

Page 8

Guts: ...Who do you think you are? Who the hell do you think you guys are calling youselves the Band of Hawks!!

Grunbeld: Hmm.

Page 11

Grunbeld: That's quite a sword. The fact that it hasn't been broken after two blows from my War hammer. But what is with you fighting skills!! Aside from you first strike, there is nothing to be looked at!! Not even fighting back and just being blown away like a dry leaf.

Guts: Damn guy saying whatever he wants to...!! Damn, a couple of my ribs got cracked from that shot. Without any armour and just my bare body..

Page 12

Guts: The wound...

Apostles: Master Fire Dragon really likes these things. It's a pretty fun entertainment, but we should go and get our jobs done quick. Go and get the witches head...

Grunbeld: Master Zodd...

Page 13

Skull Knight: It will not happen.

Apostle: You...

Zodd: Move. I will be his opponent.

Page 14

Apostle: But captain Zodd! I can't stand it! This guy took many of our...

Zodd: This is an order!! I don't care if its all burnt up!! You will go get the witches head!! Do not be slow!!!

Page 15

Zodd: Do you plan on chasing after a woman's ass during a battle? It's not like you at all.

Skull Knight: ...The battle was everything to you, wasn't it Undead One?

Zodd: Do not be mistaken. I am the only one who can hold you. It's just that.

Skull Knight: ...So we both have different reasons than usual.

Page 16

Apostle: Where is the witch. U...? What...? A kid? A student of the witch?

Isidro: Wha What!? After the troll extermination its a monster this time!?

Puck: He's....an apostle!?

Apostle: Hey you guys, if you don't want to die, tell me the location of the witch. But I guess you'll burn to death anyway...

Page 18

Schierke: This way!!

Serpico: We must escape quickly!! It may sound cruel but if we go save Flora, we will.....!!

Schierke: We'll head to the treasure room. There is something their that we must give to Gutz. I understand master, if that is your wish. I do not know if that man is my destiny. But right now, the only person that can save him is I, a magic user.

Page 19

Schierke: The student of the witch of the forest of the spirit tree. Only I can. This is it.

Isidro: Is it that protective sign that you have to give to him.

Schierke: Yes. But that is not all. The item which my master put the sign on is a cursed item. A very dangerous and strong cursed item.

Episode 224 End