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The deepest level of the world, where only Ideal forms exist; what many would call Heaven or Hell. A mortal cannot maintain their ego at this depth. The Idea of Evil resides here, connected through the subconsciousness of the world's inhabitants.

  See also Berserk Universe, The Idea of Evil


During the Hundred-Years War, Adon was an incapable general of the Tudor Army. Adon's resilience and extended speeches are legendary. He died in a duel with Casca.


Son of Count Julius, Adonis was likely to become the General of the White Phoenix army, but his life was cut short in a mistaken assassination by Guts.


A ruined city under the "protection" of the Holy See. The Tower of Retribution stands as a pillar of judgment in the center of the city, casting a great shadow down on the poverty-stricken inhabitants. A culture of prostitutes flourished with the influx of soldiers from the Holy See's Holy Iron Chain Knights. In parity, a religious sect is spread by crazed, drug-addicted heretics, who hold orgies in a nearby cave, whose devotions are to a "Fire Goddess," who looks mysteriously like Slan of the God Hand.

Ruling the city with an iron fist of retribution is Mozgus, a high priest of the Holy See. Utilizing the elaborate torture devices within the Tower of Retribution, Mozgus hunted down the religious sect. Eventually, he stumbles upon Casca. Perceiving her markings as witchcraft, he seizes her which leads to the awakening of the ghosts and demons inherent to the region, causing the destruction of the Tower of Retribution, death to thousands of Albioners and the Incarnation of Griffith.

  See also Tower of Retribution, Holy See.


See Quasi-Apostles


The Servants of God Hand. Apostles were once humans who sacrificed their most precious love to achieve their dream. Each Apostle receives a demonic body capable of transformation. Every 216 years, they gather to the Eclipse ceremony whereby they can feed off the sacrificed. By the same token, Apostles are drawn by their nature to serve 'God.'

  Arklow Knights

A group of knights from the Midland Regular Army that includes Raban. These troops helped lead the exodus from Wyndham just before Ganishka destroyed the kingdom.

  See also Raban


Once a proud knight of the Holy See's Holy Iron Chain Knights (H.I.C.K.s), an army composed of the sons of wealthy nobles. Azan is skilled with the quarterstaff, and was once known as the Bridge Knight for an incredible feat decades ago. Once fiercely loyal to the Holy See, what he witnessed at Albion may have shattered his religious career. He was last seen in Vritannis, as something of a vagabond.


A Kushan clan led by Silat, their prince. The Bakiraka are renowned as world-class assassins. However, they have been in bondage for years following their failed bid to succeed the kingdom's throne, which Ganishka ultimately took. They now serve Ganishka as vassals, but Silat has vowed to free his clan from slavery.

  See also Silat , Tapasa

  Balden Kingdom

A country with an army in the Holy See Alliance in Vritannis. The Balden Kingdom possesses the 2nd strongest army [behind Tudor's] on the continent. They recently lost Randel, a land filled with criminals, in a secession.

  See also Holy See Alliance


Once the lord of a town plagued by the mandragora. He was searching for a cure to his wife's mental illness, by using the heart of a mandragoran "tree." Ultimately, he sacrifices his wife to become an Apostle, but dies while fighting Guts.

  Band of the Falcon

The legendary mercenary army that led Midland to victory in the 100-years war. After Femto's Occultation, only three members carry on the original Falcon's legacy: Guts, Casca and Rickert.

Now reincarnated, Griffith has raised the Falcons banner once again, filling its ranks with Apostles, and leading the main resistance against the Kushan Invasion.

  Original Falcons: Carcus, Casca, Gaston , Griffith, Guts , Judo , Pippin , Rickert.
"Neo-Falcons": Griffith, Grunbeld, Irvine, Locus , Mule, Rakshas , Sonia , Zodd
See also Hill of Swords


A notorious criminal in Midland, renowned as the "armor-hacker." He challenges Wyald for the position of leader of the Black Dog Knights, and dies in the duel.

  See also Black Dog Knights


A heavily armored mercenary with a fearsome reputation among mercenaries, known as the 30-man slayer. When Guts brings him down, he seizes the attention of Griffith and the Band of Falcons.

  Beast of Darkness

The Beast is a manifestation of all the hatred and evil that dwells within Guts’ soul; the monster he has become as a result of the life he’s led as the Black Swordsman. The Beast continually urges Guts to give in to his dark desires, to kill Caska and return to his hunt for vengeance without concern for anything else. Though Guts resists, he can’t help but listen.

As a result of Guts wearing Berserk's Armor, the Beast can take control of the armor, further enhancing its berserker properties.

  See also Berserk's Armor, Guts


This hellborne creature masquerades as an ornament. At the proper time, it allows its owner to achieve their dream at the expense of their most precious desire. The beherit is the source of all apostle and God Hand births. Once it is activated, the God Hand are summoned and give the summoner the opportunity to exchange that which he holds most dear in his/her heart for their 'dream'. But only the Beherit knows its true owner and its time.

There are two types of Beherit. The Crimson Beherit, or Egg of the King, is for destined God Hand members. The olive or blue Beherit is for future Apostles.

  A.K.A. Egg of the King.
See also: Sacrificial Ceremony


Once a deformed outcast from society, the Beherit-Apostle looked out at the huge city of Albion and was extremely curious about these strange beings who beat him and created their own hell. He realized the world was in shambles and when he found the Beherit, he sacrificed the world he knew for his one wish: for a saviour to cleanse this world into Perfection.

  Berserk's Armor

A powerful, cursed Dwarven armor that pushes its user to their limits. The armor manipulates the flow of Od to unleash its user's full strength, unhindered by pain and fear. Any broken bones will instantly be mended with protruding spikes. But the armor comes with a heavy toll. The user will slowly lose their senses of sight, smell and touch over time. The armor's former owner lost their life because of such injuries. Guts now wears this armor to lessen the effects of the serious wound left by Slan.

  A.K.A. Durga's Armor
See also Dwarves

  Black Dog Knights

An army of criminals in the Hundred Years War enlisted by the King, desperate for more manpower. Led by Wyald, they quickly became the most notorious army in the War, both for their valor in combat and their cruelty. After Griffith escaped Wyndam, the King sent the Black Dog Knights on his trail. It was their final campaign.

  See also Hundred Years War , Wyald

  Black Swordsman

Another nickname Guts earns after the Eclipse. The name likely comes from the dark garments and armor Guts clothes himself in.

  A.K.A. Guts

  Blaze Rod

An elemental spirit of fire that wields karma fire Schierke summons to obliterate the invading Daka on the docks of Vritannis. The Blaze Rod is a spirit that follows battlefields.

  See also Elementals


Commander of the Tudor Empire's forces, Boscone is renowned as the most powerful Tudor soldier. While he shows great promise as a tactician, during the battle of Doldrey he is out-ranked by Gennon and consequently cannot command the battlefield to his utmost. He died in the siege of Doldrey, during a heated duel with Guts.


The Brand marks those sacrificed to God during a sacrificial ceremony. The pain and anguish of those branded is sustenance for the summoner. Branded humans reside in the Interstice between the Physical and Astral worlds. Ghosts and Demons hunger for their flesh at night. In response to evil, the brand will bleed. Around an apostle, the blood will only trickle out. Around a God Hand, the brand will shoot blood out in huge gushes. And if the evil is too great, it can supposedly kill the branded.

  See also: Sacrificial Ceremony

  Branded Swordsman

Another nickname Guts earns after the Eclipse. Apostles, Zodd and Skull Knight have all referred to him as such.

  A.K.A. Guts


A cynical lieutenant in the Band of the Falcon. Carcus harbored a deep resentment of Guts' quick rise to fame within the Falcons and refused to believe that Guts could ever be the equal of someone like Griffith. Though he possessed some trademark villainous qualities, he was deeply loyal to Griffith.

  See also Band of the Falcon


During the Hundred Years War, Casca was the only female member of the Band of Falcons. She was a strong-willed leader, driven to succeed for Griffith, whom she idolized as her saviour. Initially, she despised Guts because of his effect on Griffith, but she eventually realizes that she truly loves Guts. However, their time together as a couple was cut short by the tragic events of the Eclipse. Her mind destroyed, she has since reverted to the mentality of a child, but retains all of her warrior's ferocity.

  See also Band of the Falcon


The law of cause and effect. Every action has a reaction, whether its nature is known to us or not. Everything in the Berserk world is bound to the strings of Causality. Each person's situation and even emotional states are tempered through years of careful, causal manipulation. This is, among other possible motives, the Idea of Evil's method for delivering a world ripe for a saviour to Griffith.

  See also Causality, The Idea of Evil, Jumping Fish


The sole princess of Midland. Charlotte is naive and shy but she opened up to Griffith after they first met and fell in love with his passion and boyish mannerisms. However, in a rush of desperation, Griffith seduced Charlotte, turning the King's adoration of him to hatred. But the King dies, Charlotte became the sole inheritor of the Midland Kingdom. Once captured and imprisoned by Ganishka, Charlotte was freed by Griffith in a blitzkrieg rescue mission in the Kushan-infested Wyndham.


Dwelling in the Qliphoth, the cute Chimimôryô are harmless nightmare creatures that some child dreamed up.

  See also Qliphoth


A rotund, bald member of the God Hand. On the outskirts of Midland, he was seen being formed from a mass of rats, possibly spreading the plague.

  See also God Hand


A.K.A. Snail Count

  Courtesans of Albion

Young girls who once worked the streets of Albion for survival. These girls look to Luca as their protector and mother-figure. Without Luca, they would probably wouldn't survive. After the events at Albion, they went to live with Jerome and Luca.

  See also Luca


A Kushan caster, and the leader of Ganishka's naval forces. Daiba harnesses the elemental power of Kundalini to cast quick, powerful water spells. He later summons Garuda to escape.

  See also Garuda, Kundalini


The demonic army Ganishka has raised using magic, apostles and captured women. Daka are born by corrupting human fetuses using an enslaved mass of chained apostles and magic. By sewing a huge mass of apostles together and dropping live, pregnant human women inside of the gross result, the Daka are born in the Astral realm, within the Apostles, through their mother's stomaches, killing them in the process. They are fed human meat (their own mother) and live only to serve their master, Ganishka.

  See also Pishacha , Ganishka

  Demon Child

The premature child of Guts and Casca, tainted by Femto. The child accepted an evil nature during its birth and consequently is bound to the astral world. Though it is evil by nature, it still retains the kindred bond with Guts and Casca and helps each of them on their journies.


During Mozgus' rise to power, he rescued several tortured souls; outcasts from society, too disfigured to live with the rest of humanity. Mozgus gave each of them a purpopse and taught them not to abhor their mutations, but to see them as gifts from God. With his guidance and perseverance, they each became both civil and loyal to Mozgus. He now employs them as his personal bodyguards. They would do anything for their master.


The "impregnable" fortress of Doldrey was the heart of the Tudor Empire's defenses during the hundred-years war. Volleys of Midland forces were launched in futility at the high walls of the castle. Thousands were killed by its natural defenses: its back on high mountains, a river near its front. These create a dense fog perpetually surrounding the fortress, allowing cover for defensive manuevers.

The decisive battle of the Hundred Years War was fought here by the Kingdom of Midland's Band of Falcons, led by General Griffith and the Tudor Empire's Purple Rhino Knights, led by General Boscogne.

  See also Hundred Years War


The hideous man who raped Guts when he was still a vulnerable child. Rumor has it that Donovan bought Guts for a night from Gambino. Guts eventually kills Donovan and he dies a horribly embarassing death, teaching Guts his first lesson in revenge. But Donovan left an impact on Guts that he doesn't acknowledge until a dangerous moment.

  Dragon Slayer

The sword that's too large to be called a sword. The Dragon Slayer was forged by Godot for a king. There was a royal contest among blacksmiths to forge a sword capable of killing a dragon. Godot took it very seriously. Decades later, Guts inherited the sword. After his travels through the Interstice, hunting apostles, the Dragon Slayer has taken on the darkness of its victims. The Dragon Slayer now possesses a great dark power.

  See also Godot, Guts

  Durga's Armor

Daiba calls Berserk's Armor "Durga's Armor." The name Durga comes from Hindu Mythology, and is the warrior aspect of Devi, the mother of Hindu Culture. Durga is depicted riding a tiger, and is associated with war.

  A.K.A. Berserk's Armor


A race of Elves kindred to the spirits of Earth. Dwarves have a keen skill for crafting armors. They were the creators of the Berserk's Armor.

  See also Elves, Berserk's Armor


The solar eclipses that occur every 216 years mark the birth of a new member of the God Hand. Griffith's birth as Femto began with such an event.

  A.K.A. Occultation
See also Sacrificial Ceremony

  Egg of the King

A.K.A. Beherit


There are four elements in Berserk, each composed and governed by small, distinct entities. For Wind: Sylph, for Water: Undine, for Fire: Salamander. The creature for Earth is not yet known. High-level elemental spirits can manipulate these entities at will, while weapons with magic properties such as Serpico's Sylph sword and Isidro's Salamander dagger can only harness their powers by appealing to their respective elementals.

  See also Four Kings of the World, Salamander, Sylph, Undine.

  Elf Powder

A powerful healing agent that Faries and Elves exfoliate from their bodies. Guts uses Puck's elf powder to stay alive after being mortally wounded in battle.

  See also Puck


The Elves' home, described by Puck as a utopia somewhere on the island of Skellig in the Western Sea. Like Flora's tree mansion, it lies in the Interstice, hidden from normal human maps. It is said that many witches and wizards live there, among the elves and their ruler, King Hanafubuku.

  See also Hanafubuku Oh, Skellig


A broad race of magical creatures in Berserk, ruled by Hanafubuku Oh in Elfhelm. Elves ("yousei" in japanese) include all sorts of different creatures and sub-species. Because of the teachings of the Holy See, most humans are psychologically incapable of seeing Elves, even if they are right in front of them. However, that doesn't stop most Elves from playing with humans.

  See also Dwarves , Elfhelm , Ivalera , Hanafubuku Oh , Puck, Piskies.

  Enoch Village

Enoch Village is a dwindling town shadowed by the huge cliffs of a nearby mountain. Once a popular tourist town, with the decline of trade and commerce, Enoch fell victim to widespread famine and poverty. In addition to these tragedies, Trolls have begun a series of random raids on the town, raping and kidnapping women, massacreing the limited livestock and killing any who get in their way. Guts' band exterminated the Troll infestation in a decisive battle. Enoch is now liberated and the town is beginning to rebuild.


Godot's foster grandaughter. Erica was found on a battlefield in the arms of her dying mother. Godot took her in and raised her as his own. In spite of his rugged personality, Erica grew into a cheerful and happy young girl. She now travels with Rickert.


A nun that oversees the mandragoran village. She believes that humans and mandragora can live in peace, but in the end, she reveals that she herself is infested, and fights to the death to keep Guts away from Niko.

  See also Niko

  Falcon of Darkness

Griffith's other spiritual persona, the conqueror and the demon-king. As stated by the prophecy, he is "King of the blind white sheep and shepherd of the villainous black sheep." The Falcon of Darkness is Griffith's spiritual yang to his Falcon of Light's yin.
For a brief period, Guts was mistaken as the Falcon of Darkness by the Holy Iron Chain Knights while he was hunting Apostles in the Misty Valley. The Holy See has since disregarded this possibility.

  See also Prophecy of the Falcon

  Falcon of Light

Griffith's other spiritual persona, the savior. The Falcon of Light has been called by Zodd "The Ultimate Strong One". The people of Midland had a dream in which a Falcon of Light saved them from destruction. It is Griffith's spiritual yin to his Falcon of Darkness' yang.

  A.K.A. Ultimate Strong One
See also Prophecy of the Falcon


Griffith's kingdom appeared where Wyndham fell, but is in truth the risen, ancient city of Gaiseric. Its high walls protect its inhabitants from the dangers of the new world, and it has become the last bastion for humanity.

  See also Griffith, Gaiseric, Wyndham.


Creatures either controlled by or created from magic.

  Controlled by magic: Crocodiles , Elephants , Garuda , Makara , Tigers.
Created by magic: Golems ,Serpent of Thorns


A city-state within the nation of Paneria. Faris is lending its national army as mercenaries to Vritannis in this time of war.

  See also Holy See Alliance


Former general of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, now a member of Guts' Band and apprentice of Schierke.

She is the only daughter of the powerful Vandimion Family in Vritannis, At adolescence, she was appointed general of the Holy Iron Chain Knights following their old tradition of being led by a female figurehead. Her tenacity for hunting witches and heretics once bordered on insanity, but after her several run-ins with Guts, Farnese's world view shattered. Now she travels with Guts, a disciple of the man whom she once swore to kill. She has even taken up a magic apprenticeship with Schierke, to learn more about the nature of the world.

  See also Vandimion Family

  Federico Vandimion

The head of the richest and most powerful family on the continent. Federico is perceived as a very cold man, who even uses his family members to oil the cog of his machine of power.

  See also Vandimion Family


Griffith's spiritual form. Femto is the newest and final member of the God Hand.

  A.K.A. Griffith
See also God Hand


An ancient and wise witch, for centuries, Flora lived in a tree mansion safely within the Interstice, protected by barriers and Golems. Old friends with the Skull Knight, Flora helped Guts and his party as a favor to him. Her knowledge of the magical world and beyond was perhaps more than any other human. She chose to die during an Apostle raid of her home.

  Flora's Estate

Resting safely within the Interstice, the ancient witch Flora resided within the remains of a huge tree. Protected by powerful golems and several magical sensors, Flora taught her student Schierke here for many years. Featuring a bath house, gorgeous view and an huge assortment of magical artifacts, Flora's Treehouse is a luxurious temporary headquarters for Guts' band.


The Minister of State, Foss was once a manipulative member of Midland's inner court. Griffith was able to blackmail him and through his machinations, the Queen and his own fellow conspirators die fiery deaths. After these events, he renounced his ways and became a peaceful member of the Midland Court. Now, Foss leads a Resistance against the Kushan invasion of Wyndham.

  Four Kings of the World

The four guardian angels of the four borders of the world dwell in the heart of the Astral world. They govern over the spiritual elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water (North, South, East and West respectively). They are even documented in the Holy See's scripture, though most priests still deny the existence of magic. They are the most powerful astral incarnations.

Schierke summons the Four Kings in Enoch to provide a magical barrier to keep the Trolls at bay. Any astral creature that touches the barrier is destroyed.

  See also Elementals


The legendary emperor who established the first empire, 1000 years ago. He set his empire in the middle of the continent, calling its capital Midland. Gaiseric successfully brought together all the warring tribes of the age under one flag. Prior to this, no records exist of his background. When he rode into battle, he wore a fearsome helmet shaped like a skull.

  See also Skull Knight


Gambino was the leader of his mercenary troop and was a reluctantly father figure to Guts until he was 11 years old. He taught Guts the harsh reality of the battlefield, and the basics of swordsmanship, but also sold him into prostitution. Gambino loses his love Shisu to leprocy, which he believes was caused by Guts, and later loses his leg in a skirmish. Insane from grief and loss, Gambino tries to kill Guts as he sleeps. Guts kills him in self defense.


A powerful apostle and emperor of the Kushan Empire. As Griffith's main political adversary, Ganishka is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield with the ability to become a huge and powerful fog. Utilizing dark arts, he has created an army of demons, the Daka.

  See also Kushan Empire, Pishacha


A winged familiar resembling a pterodactyl that Daiba calls on to escape impending doom. The name Garuda comes from Hindu mythology, where it is one of the three principal animal deities and king of all birds. But its depiction in Berserk resembles the Buddhist Garuda, an entire race of creatures.

  See also Familiars , Garuda


The second in command of the raiding team of the Band of the Falcon. Gaston, a tailor before his life as a mercenary, is passionate about his duties and extremely loyal to Guts.

  See also Band of the Falcon


Gennon is an ex-Midland lord that changed sides and now rules over Doldrey Castle, a critical fortress in the 100-years war. Once the commander of the northern front line of the Tudor empire, his position was granted only by his considerable wealth. He is an eccentric with an unsavory appetite for young male servants. He and Griffith shared a night together for the price of a war chest, necessary for the early Falcons' army. Having jeapordized Tudor's chances in the battle of Doldrey, Gennon dies by Griffith's sword.


The residual spirit of departed humans living in the Interstice, but still tied to the Physical World. Ghosts are attracted to the few humans inhabiting the Interstice and feed off of their emotions. Ghosts also have the ability to possess physical bodies, and if not forced away, can drive their host mad.

  God Hand

The five spiritual entities that carry out the will of god. The God Hand do not possess bodies outside the Nexus, but can influence human affairs in areas of great evil. During a Sacrificial Ceremony in the Nexus, a God Hand has supreme power over all its inhabitants.

  See also Conrad, Femto, Slan, Ubik, Void.


The blacksmith who pieced together Guts' 'Black Swordsman' armor and forged the Dragon Slayer. Godot was previously the blacksmith of a king, but fell out of favor when he forged the unelegant Dragon Slayer, as a contest among blacksmiths to create a sword capable of killing a dragon. Escaping execution, Godot fled to a small cottage in the mountains where he spent the rest of his days forging for mercenaries.

  See also The Dragon Slayer

  Godot's Hut

A solace for Guts during his time away from the Band of Falcons and all-around temporary safe-house. Safe among the elven-enchanted mountains, Godot was able to draw ore from the walls of his surroundings to provide superior weaponry to mercenary armies during and in the post-war period. The natural environment of the mountains was an ideal location for Guts to hone his skills. The nearby cave's lingering elven aura protected Casca for a brief time directly after the Eclipse.


Bear-like creatures composed of water and earth, used by witches and wizards. The Golem's body is powered by a smaller entity located in the chest that acts as a brain/heart. As long as this entity is in place, a Golem will simply reform itself after it is struck, rendering it virtually indestructable.

  See also Familiars


The antagonist of the series. An ambitious, ruthless man who sacrificed everything dear to him to obtain his dream. As a man, Griffith led the Band of the Falcon on a series of successful campaigns for Midland, turning the tide of the Hundred Years War. But he was imprisoned for sleeping with the princess, and his body was tortured and ruined. Rescued by his comrades, Griffith realizes his dream is beyond his grasp and in a desperate moment, initiates an Occultation Ceremony, eventually ascending to the God Hand's rank as Femto, their fifth member.

Now incarnated in the flesh of Guts and Casca's son, Griffith wields unparalleled power as a messiah figure who drove out the invading Kushan Army and toppled the destructive force Ganishka had become. With the merging of worlds and the appearance of his kingdom, Falconia, Griffith has achieved his dream.

  A.K.A. Femto
See also Band of the Falcon, Falconia


A legendary hero of the Hundred Years War. Grunbeld is a hero in the north for holding his ground for 10 years against an overwhelming Tudor force, with only himself and a small army of 3000 men. Strikingly tall, Grunbeld's arsenal includes a canon, a shield with blades and a mighty War Hammer.

  See also Band of the Falcon


The protagonist of Berserk. Born from a corpse, he has been narrowly escaping death his entire life. He has been the commander of the raiders for the Band of Falcons, reknowned as the 'Hundred Man Slayer', and the 'Black Swordsman.' Branded as a sacrifice to the God Hand, Guts lives between worlds, haunted nightly by demons, ghosts and other foul creatures of hell.

  A.K.A. Black Swordsman , Branded Swordsman , Hundred Man Slayer
See also Band of the Falcon, Berserk's Armor, Dragon Slayer.

  Hanafubuku Oh

See King of Flower Storm.

  See also Elfhelm, Skellig.

  Hill of Swords

Atop one of the mountains near Godot's Hut, the Hill of Swords was contructed by Rickert's individual re-forging of the Band of Falcons' weaponry. Each sword represents one of the lost members of the Falcons. This was Rickert's way of coping with their loss.

  See also Band of the Falcon , Rickert

  Holy Iron Chain Knights

The military body of the Holy See. The soldiers are composed mostly of nobles' sons and intentionally don't experience much combat. Nevertheless, its officer class is well-experienced. They often sortie on low-key missions to secure the Holy See's image in the eye of the public. By tradition, the general of the Holy Iron Chain Knights is a female.

  Holy See Alliance

The Holy See Religious Order has called upon the military forces of its participating countries to defend against the invading Kushan Empire. The forces have since gathered in the coastal city of Vritannis for a final confrontation. The following diagram further explains the details of this alliance:

  A graphical representation of the Holy See Alliance Forces
A.K.A. Midland Alliance Forces
See also Vritannis

  Holy See Religious Order

Similar to our Catholic Church in structure. Their insignia is a falcon in flight, with two orbs forming a helix around it. Much of the Holy See's doctrine is based on a strict conduct of purging oneself from sin, and ultimately, preparing oneself for the coming of God. However, beneath that veil, in conjunction with the Nobles, the Holy See monopolizes the wealth of the world.

  See also Holy Iron Chain Knights

  Hundred Man Slayer

The title Guts received after he single-handedly defeated 100 of Tudor's mercenaries led by Adon during the Hundred Years War. He carried this name onto his final sortie with the Falcons against Tudor's strongest knight, Boscone at Doldrey.

  A.K.A. Guts, Black Swordsman, Branded Swordsman

  Hundred Years War

For the past century, the continent was engulfed in a series of heated campaigns between Midland and Tudor. By the end of this long war, Tudor and its Purple Rhino Knights led by Boscone were successfully routed at Doldrey by Griffith's Band of the Falcon. This decisive victory put an end to the Hundred Years war and a fleeting glimpse of peace for the continent.

  See also Midland Kingdom , Tudor Empire

  Idea of Evil

The Idea of Evil is man’s desired God. Born from man’s dark feelings, it is a common consciousness that transcends individuality, acting as the ego of the world. Man desired a reason for the destiny that kept transcending its knowledge. The Idea of Evil provides that reason by manipulating human events through causality. It lies deep in the Abyss, weaving its web of causality to float up to the surface of the Physical world.

  See also God Hand, Berserk Universe

  Incarnation Ceremony

The occultation that occurs once in 1000 years. This ceremony allows the incarnation of a "being from heavenly spheres" to a fleshly body, and mirrors the events of the previous occultation. This occured recently in Albion where Femto was incarnated as Griffith, using the body of the Demon Child.

  See also Sacrificial Ceremony


A small, tentacled demon that comes out at night and leeches life from its prey, while also inducing nightmares.


The layer of existence between the Physical and Astral worlds. In the interstice, creatures of dream and nightmare are alive, born by the subconscious will of humans. Here also reside the elves and elementals of ancient times as well as humans who have gained further knowledge of the nature of the universe (witches, wizards). Humans who have a firm hold on the Physical Realm cannot interact or even sense the beings in the Interstice.

  See also Berserk Universe


The silent archer. Irvine has no visible eyes, however there is a glaring Apostle eye on his demonic bow. Irvine is the captain of the Archers in Griffith's Apostle Army.

  See also Band of the Falcon


A thief, runaway and one of the youngest members of Guts' Band. Isidro is training under Guts, hoping to achieve his dream to be the greatest swordsman in the world. With some training and Salamander's dagger, he manages to hold his own against brutal monsters.

  See also Salamander's Dagger


A young half-human, half-merrow who lived as a girl on a solitary island in the Western Sea until encountering Guts and his party.

  See also Merrows, Solitary Island


Schierke's Supervisor, a female elf. Ivalera has just as smart a mouth as Puck. She helps Schierke to train in her witch schooling.

  See also Elves, Piskies, Schierke.


A name shown in the furigana of episode 243's title: Superior Being. It is likely referring to the child composed of light in the episode.

  See also Mysterious Child.


A Kushan who defected to The Band of the Falcon as a key member of its intelligence unit.

  See also Kushans, Band of the Falcon.


A young noble in the Holy Iron Chain Knights. Jerome is romantically involved with Luca and has plans for her to be his mistress, after his duty with Holy Iron Chain Knights. While he is a soldier of the Holy See, he doesn't necessarily believe in their cause and consistently acts contrary to their beliefs.

  See also Holy Iron Chain Knights, Luca


A young girl living in a town near the Misty Valley, who was childhood friends with Rochine. When Guts comes through town she escapes her abusive father and his drunkard friends. With Guts, Jill thinks she's found a way out of her rut. But, after a battle with Rochine, Guts has to leave Jill behind. Though, now she has hope.

  See also Misty Valley


A timid boy who once lived in the slums of Albion. He is in love with Nina and meekly courts her. After the ordeal in the orgy cave, Joachim's fate was tied to the Beherit-Apostle. But now, Joachim and Nina travel together.

  See also Nina


An easygoing lieutenant in the original Band of the Falcon. Judo's skills as a mediator are more valuable than his skill on the battlefield. He helps Guts and Casca realize their feelings for each other, though he had been in love with her himself. Chivalrous to the end, Judo's heroic actions protect Casca in the Eclipse at the cost of his own life.

  See also Band of the Falcon


Count Julius was brother to the King of Midland and next in line as heir of the throne. His resentment of Griffith's rise to fame despite his common blood led to a failed assassination attempt. Griffith's counter-assassination, led by Guts ends Julius' life, and earns the wrath of the Queen, Julius' secret lover.

  See also King of Midland

  Jumping Fish

Near the end of Femto's Occultation, in volume 13, Slan said regarding Skull Knight that a Jumping Fish cannot alter the flow of the river it swims in. By this, she means that even though Skull Knight succeeds in acting against or without following causality, he always falls back to the river eventually, can't escape it, and can't really affect it. Skull Knight is the Fish, Causality is the River.

Later on, in volume 18, Skull Knight tells Guts in Albion that the material world is like the moon's shadow reflected on the water, and that he might not just be a shadow reflected on the surface of the water, but a fish creating ripples in it.

It is interesting to note that it implies the Ideal world is the moon, quite untouchable for a fish, and that no matter how much you stir the water, the moon's image comes back as the same in the end, irremediably. But because Guts resides in the Instertice between the material world and the astral world, he can be more than a mere shadow.

  See also Berserk Universe, Causality


A legendary sea monster rumored to drown travelers. The Kelpie has mid-level water elemental abilities and can propel missiles or even drown an opponent by forcing water over their mouth. In the rain, a Kelpie is especially dangerous.

  King of Flower Storm

The powerful King of the Elves who lives in Elfhelm, whose name is known in grimoires. The Skull Knight claims that his powers are great enough to restore Casca's mind.

  See also Elfhelm, Skellig.

  King of Midland

Once regarded as the most successful King Midland has had in centuries, he ruled his country fairly during the hundred-years war with Midland's neighbor the Tudor Empire. The King placed great faith in Griffith during the war. Afterwards, he quickly unraveled when Griffith, having slept with Princess Charlotte touched upon a terrible secret regarding the King's feelings for the Princess. He was driven insane and led a futile hunt for Griffith in the last years of his life, dying as the Kushan Empire invaded his borders and layed siege to his Kingdom.

  See also Midland Kingdom


A powerful astral serpent with control over the element of water. Its powers were so great that Schierke said it could be seen as a god by polytheistic cultures. Kundalini was once harnessed by Daiba, but was killed in battle.

  See also Daiba

  Kushan Empire

An ancient eastern kingdom similar to our India. The Kushans possess a unique culture that is still largely shrouded in mystery. They possess seers that can see visions of far-off lands. Demonic magic surrounds its emperor, the magician-apostle Ganishka. The Kushans have launched a successful invasion campaign to the heart of Midland and have occupied its capital, Wyndam. They now focus their attacks on the remaining forces of resistance gathered in the coastal city of Vritannis.

  See also Ganishka, Bakiraka, Pishacha.

  Lady of the Depths

A water elemental spirit that possesses Schierke in Enoch in order to flood the city, wiping it clean of a Troll invasion. The lady once had a shrine built to worship her, but the Holy See built its temple on top of it.

  See also Undine, Enoch.

  Lady Vandimion

Wife of Federico and mother of Magnifico and Farnese. A true woman of the court, after decades of their hollow marriage, Lady Vandimion sees her husband as weak and scheming. When she learns of Magnifico's machinations for Farnese, she takes an active role in complicating his scheme.

  See also Vandimion Family


Locus, "The Moonlight Knight" is a legendary hero of Midland. His exploits are even told to children as bedtime stories. His undefeated title in jousting tournaments caused him to be so proud that he will not serve under an inferior leader. Locus volunteered to serve Griffith's Army, following an oracle, and now he is in charge of new recruits, as well as the Cavalry.

  See also Band of the Falcon

  Lord of Koka Castle

The Lord of Koka Castle is one of the first apostles we are shown in Berserk. He seized control of a town and terrorizes the citizens with his ferocious and hellborn strength, dominating the town with fear.

  Lord of Rotting Roots

A dangerous elemental spirit of earth Schierke summons to aid in the evacuation of the Qliphoth. His power causes the looming Trolls to disintegrate.

  See also Elementals


A stunning young woman working as a courtesan in the corrupt city of Albion. Luca is the mother-figure of several other courtesans and shares her earnings with them, looking after all of them as if they were her own daughters. She has gained the attention of Jerome, a member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. Her life slowly begins to change once she meets her friend Erica (Casca).


Land in southern Midland, now ravaged by the Kushan forces. Mule's family once ruled there.

  See also Mule


The third and youngest son of Federico Vandimion. Magnifico longs to take on positions of influence like the rest of his family. But he has been denied his place among their ranks, being deemed unfit by his father. After his attempt to swindle power through the marriage of Farnese was interrupted by the Kushan invasion, Magnifico now travels with Guts and his band to stay alive.

  See also Vandimion Family


A sea-monster Pishacha. Makara resemble a serpent with an elephant's trunk. Originally, they were whales, but were transformed with Kushan magic. Daiba uses these mammoth beasts as his entourage upon his arrival on the docks of Vritannis.

  See also Familiars , Pishacha


The true name of an astral creature that governs their form. Knowledge of these names can give an individual control over them.

  See also Merrows


Small, plant-like creatures who, when pulled out of the ground, send the nearby mandragora-infected humans into a violent rage. Though they appear to infect humans like a disease, the Mandragora are actually the apostle-spawn of Niko.

  See also Niko


Astral humanoid females that live under the sea and resemble mermaids. Merrows can use their voices as a kind of attack while underwater. Long ago, they fought a war against the Sea God, ultimately confining him to the Solitary Island where he slumbered until the merging of the worlds.

  See also Isma, Sea God

  Midland Alliance Forces

See Holy See Alliance

  Midland Kingdom

A monarchy similar to Great Britain of old. As its name implies, Midland is geographically central to the continent, having been established by Emperor Gaiseric, 1000 years hence. After the Hundred-Years war with Tudor, Midland enjoyed a brief hegemony among its rival nations. But since the Kushan invasion and the death of its King, Midland has begun to fade away.

  See also Gaiseric , Tower of Rebirth, Wyndham

  Misty Valley

A dense forest, filled with beautiful grottos had legends surrounding it of being filled with elves. A small town bordering the mysterious valley was once the home of the girl who became the Apostle Rochine. Populating the Misty Valley with apostle-spawn, Rochine made the Misty Valley's legend come true, (in her own demonic way) creating a haven for children, away from the persecution and dogma of the adult world. Her fabricated haven was burned to the ground by Guts in his hunt for Apostles.


A native of the Enoch Village, Morgan once stumbled upon Flora's Tree Mansion looking in desperation for a cure for his mother. Recently, he was sent out as an envoy to Flora to find a weapon to use against the Trolls. Morgan returns to the Enoch village with Guts and his party.

  See also

  Morgar Duchy

A province ruled by a duke in the east. Along with Waltoria, Morgar defends the eastern border from the Kushan threat.

  See also Holy See Alliance


The Holy See's chief inquisitor in Albion. Mozgus is driven by his pure devotion to God. His zealous purging of the slums of Albion quickly spreads a shadow of fear over the city. Altered drastically by the Beherit-Apostle, Mozgus is transformed into a quasi-apostle, and dies in an epic battle with Guts, amidst the crumbling tower of Albion.

  See also Albion, Holy See Religious Order


Son of the Lord of Lumias Castle, Mule is the last surviving heir to his castle, but is leading the last remaining forces to drive out the Kushans. Mule's army encounters Griffith's and witnesses the overpowering forces of the Apostle Army. Shortly after, Mule swears his allegiance to Griffith.

  See also <Band of the Falcon, Lumias.

  Mysterious Child

A mysterious child found by Casca on the ocean shore one night. Casca shows great affection for the child which bears a strong resemblance to both Casca and Guts. When seeing him, Guts is reminded of he and Casca's deformed Demon Child, last seen being absorbed by the Beherit-Apostle just before Griffith's reincarnation at Albion.

  See also Janaanin


The central realm in the Astral World. The Nexus is the home of spiritual entities such as the God Hand and the Four Kings of the World. This is also where Sacrificial Ceremonies occur.

  See also Berserk Universe, , God Hand


A City-State within Paneria. Nicce is lending its national army as mercenaries to Vritannis in this time of war.

  See also Holy See Alliance


The source of the Mandragora. Niko was once a boy, who on the verge of death, became an apostle. It was his heart that Balzac sought to cure his wife's illness.

  See also Mandragora


A young, reckless courtesan from Luca's group. Nina was briefly involved with a cult who held orgies in a cave, worshipping the Goddess of Fire. She is romantically involved with Joachim, and even forced him to be involved in the cult to prove his love to her. During her ordeal in the cave, Nina contracted a disease similar to tuberculosis.

  See also Luca

  Nosferatu Zodd

One of Zodd's names he earned by having survived so many battles. Nosferatu means "Immortal."

  A.K.A. Zodd
See also Band of the Falcon


See Sacrifical Ceremony

  See also God Hand


The spiritual force that guides and bonds entities in the Astral World.


A huge and powerful creature from the Qliphoth. Like the Trolls, the Ogre isn't supposed to exist in the physical world. When he stumbles into Inoku village in response to the massive Astral disturbance in the area, he uses anything he can to pulverize his enemies. However, he is about as smart as the Trolls.


Like Raban, Owen is of similar rank and respect for Griffith. Together, they are the most humanitarian among Midland's nobles. Owen was last seen in Vritannis, arguing with nobles about the dissolution of Midland.


Paneria is a nation composed of semi-autonomous city-states. The most powerful of these are Nicce, Faris, Vritannis and Rahna. While Paneria does not possess a military, it relies on mercenaries and the professional army of Rahna for military campaigns.

  See also Holy See Alliance

  Physical Realm

The layer of existence inhabited by Mortals. This is where the unenlightened men and their creations dwell.

  See also Berserk Universe


A fairy tale character told to children in the town around the Misty Valley. Pikaf was born with red eyes and pointy ears; outcast from his friends. He went into the Misty Valley to find out who he was and discovered others like himself. These fairies told him that his parents had killed themselves to save him when he was a child. Pikaf didn't believe it, and ran home. But decades had passed and now he was alone.


A giant man of few words, Pippin is cunningly smart and has pulled the Falcons out of several tight situations with his keen intuition on the battlefield. Kindred to Rickert's gentle nature, they were rarely apart.

  See also Band of the Falcon


The Demon Beast Warriors of Ganishka's Troop. These various animals (to date: crocodiles, elephants, tigers and whales) are possessed by Kushan magic and sometimes outfitted with human weapons. The nature of the possession requires a Kushan casters to locally control the minds of the animal. Ganishka uses this inhuman force to dominate Wyndam and invade Vritannis.

  See also Familiars


Ivalera and Puck's species, a sub-species of Elves. Piskies are the descendants of Wind spirits, and are themselves called "Spirits of the Wings."

  See also Elves, Ivalera , Puck,


The Priest of Enoch village holds more sway than the Mayor on controversial issues. When Guts and his party come to help with the Troll extermination, the Priest is reluctant to house outcasts and heretics. Though he is initially adamant about his religion, after the events at the temple later that day, his beliefs loosen to incorporate Schierke's philosophy.

  Prophecy of the Falcon

The prophecy stated by both Azan and Schierke:
"When the Sun has died five times, a red lake will appear at the West of the city with a name both new and ancient, and it will be the sign that the fifth angel, the Falcon of Darkness, is born. The Angel shall be both master of the sinful black sheep and king of the blind white ones. He is the one who shall bring an age of darkness upon the world."
This refers to Griffith's rebirth as Femto, and after his incarnation in Albion, the gathering of apostles for his army. The "age of darkness" may refer to his future reign.

  See also Falcon of Light, Falcon of Darkness


See Quasi-Apostles


Puck is Guts' elfin companion. He came from Elfhelm, the home of the elves on the island of Skellig in the Western Sea. He and Guts have traveled together for more than two years. While also providing Guts with fairy dust for severe wounds, Puck also provides a lighter side to Guts' dark life.

  See also Elfhelm


A border-realm within the Interstice, between the Human and Astral worlds. Creatures inhabiting the Qliphoth were born from the nightmares of humans, and gather together based on the affinity of their od. Shadow creatures segregate from creatures of Light, such as Elves.

  See also Berserk Universe


Many Apostles have the ability to taint other life with their demonic powers. Some have even been known to raise the dead. While the typical transformation process gives the entity more strength, other methods are also known.

  A.K.A. Pseudo-Apostles
See also Mozgus' Disciples, Mozgus , Zondark, Rochine

  Queen of Midland

The second wife of the King of Midland. She is the head of Midland's inner circle and the lover of Count Julius. When he was assassinated, the Queen set plans into motion to have Griffith assassinated in return. But Griffith forsaw this and her plans fail. She dies a fiery death along with her conspirators.

  See also King of Midland, Julius


A high-ranking noble in Midland's Court. During the Hundred Years War, Raban was a general for Midland and put great faith in Griffith's abilities. Since the downfall of Midland, he has joined the resistance with Minister Foss against the Kushan invasion.

  See also Arklow Knights


A city-state within the nation of Paneria. Rahna is the only city-state that possesses its own professional army. It represents Paneria's only professional force in the Holy See Allliance.


Exiled from the Kushan clan of Bakiraka, Rakshas is a mystery. His motivation for allying with Griffith is so he can ensure that one day he can cut off his beautiful head. Rakshas commands the demon search and destroy squad.

  See also Band of the Falcon

  Randel Republic

Now a sovereign nation, the Randel Republic recently seceded from the Balden Kingdom. Randel was where Balden used to send its prisoners to cultivate the land. Now Randel possesses its own army and is eager to prove itself in the Holy See Alliance.


Rickert was the youngest member of The Falcons, and now, one of its only survivors. For 3 years, he was apprenticed as a blacksmith under Godot's tutelage. But after the battle on the Hill of Swords, Rickert and Erica set off on their own.

  See also Band of the Falcon, Hill of Swords


A travelling performer who met up with Guts on the outskirts of Balzac's domain. She helps Guts along his journey even though he was responsible for the death of Job, her mandragora-infected partner.


A troubled teenaged Apostle who created a haven for children in the Misty Valley. She ruled over the Valley, terrorizing the local village with her Quasi-Apostles, kidnapping children. Rochine had idealistic intentions, but they are short sighted. Her dedication to freeing children from the adult world produced horrifying results. She died in battle with Guts.

  See also Misty Valley


Childhood friend of Magnifico and the fiancé of Farnese. Roderick is third in line for the throne of Ys and is also a Captain of the Ys Fleet, which is the forefront of the Vritannis Alliance Navy.

  See also Ys, Sea Horse

  Sacrificial Ceremony

The ceremony that creates Apostles and God Hand by sacrificing something precious. Each ceremony begins with the Beherit being activated and summoning the God Hand. Blood, tears and strong will have all been used to activate Beherits, though the exact moment of activation is up to the Beherit and causality. There are three levels of Sacrificial Ceremonies.

The First, more common occurance is the Sacrificial Ceremony that marks the birth of an Apostle, or minion of God Hand. The Second, less common (every 216 years) occurance is the Eclipse ceremony which marks the birth of a new God Hand. Each of these ceremonies take place within the Nexus of worlds. To an outsider, it appears as a great tornado. Humans caught within an eclipse are typically marked for sacrifice and branded. During these ceremonies, the God Hand offer the summoner the ability to achieve their dream at the price of their most cherished love. The purpose of this sacrifice is to break off the summoner's humanity, and invite evil. The fear and anguish of a branded one's death is nourishment for the newly born Apostle/God Hand.

The Third, even less common occurance (every 1000 years) is the Incarnation Ceremony. These mirror events of the previous Eclipse ceremony. During this ceremony, a being of divine ego (ex. a God Hand) can take fleshly form. In the most recent ceremony, Griffith was reincarnated from his spiritual form of Femto, to flesh.

  A.K.A. Eclipse, Occultation
See also Beherit


Elemental entity associated with Fire. To activate his fire dagger, Isidro chants to Salamander.

  See also Elementals

  Salamander's Dagger

The elemental dagger of fire, given to Isidro by Flora. Forged from lava, the dagger's blade maintains a constant high temperature thanks to its magical properties, fueled by tiny Salamanders. Anything touched by the blade ignites with scorching heat. Thankfully, the gift also included a sheathe.

  See also Elementals, Salamander


Brother of Adon and one of Tudor's strongest warriors. Samson wore plate armor that was three times normal thickness, and wielded a massive ball and chain. However, he could not match Guts in a duel during the Hundred Man Fight and was slaughtered.


A young witch raised by Flora. Schierke is a sheltered girl and thus wary of the Human world. She is extremely knowledgeable about the creatures and arts of the Astral world. And with Guts' party's increasing encounters with that realm, her expertise in this area has proven essential. Her initial disbelief in Guts' abilities has since turned to admiration. She and Guts now share a special bond, as she can guide him through the overwhelming Od of the Berserk Armor.

  See also Flora, Ivalera


  A.K.A. Chimimôryô.

  Sea God

A massive, ancient creature worshipped as a god in the Western Sea who devoured all sea life and sank ships. Long ago merrows confined it to the Solitary Island where he slumbered until the merging of the worlds.

  See also Solitary Island, Merrows

  Sea Horse

Roderick's ship, reknown on the sea as formiddable in battle. With a competent crew, the ship can attack at extreme ranges.

  See also Roderick

  Serpent of Thorns

A familiar crafted by Schierke for Farnese. It is a vine of thorns that can be animated and controlled by using a ring composed of the same vine with a rose insignia.

  See also Familiars


Farnese's closest friend since childhood, and secretly her half-brother, Serpico is loyal to Farnese above anyone and everything else. A cunning warrior in combat, Serpico has survived two duels with Guts. Though Serpico is wary of Guts' influence and danger to Farnese, since their most recent duel their partnership has been rekindled.

Serpico was given magical equipment by Flora: Sylph's Cloak and Sylph's Sword.

  See also Sylph's Cloak , Sylph's Sword


Gambino's lover, who rescued the newborn Guts from death. She raised him as her own, taking the place of the miscarriage she had recently had. But Shisu grew deathly ill from leprocy. She died clutching Guts' hand.


Heir to the Bakiraka clan of the Kushan Empire. Silat is a fierce warrior who proved himself in a Battle Tournament after the 100-years war. Using strange weaponry such as the Katars, Silat's technique is deadly. While he was defeated by Guts twice, Silat and his Kushan assassins are more than a match for most of Midland's forces. He now works for Ganishka, though their alliance is wavering.

  See also Bakiraka, Tapasa


Objects crafted of Silver have the magical property of repelling astral creatures.


The island that Elfhelm resides on, hidden in the Western Sea.

  See also Elfhelm

  Skull Knight

Skull Knight's 1000 year-long past is a mystery. While he bears a resemblance to Emperor Gaiseric, fights against evil, and Slan calls him "King," little else is known. He has known the witch Flora for at least several hundred years, and was one of the previous owners of Berserk's Armor. He has helped Guts on several occasions out of tight situations and by giving critical information. He fights at least on par with Zodd and is feared by Apostles.

  A.K.A. Dokuro no Kishi
See also: Gaiseric


Slan is the only female member of the God Hand. She has taken an interest in Guts, and sought him out while he was in the Qliphoth. During the intervention there, Skull Knight refers to her as "Courtesan of the Uterine World" (Harawada no Shouki).

  See also God Hand.

  Snail Count

The Snail Count was once a strong war general and ruled his kingdom fairly, but after he found his wife in a large pagan orgy, he sacrificed her and became an Apostle of the God Hand. Afterwards, his kingdom was enveloped in darkness. The one light left in his life was his daughter, Theresia. He denied the chance for a second sacrifice and was dragged down into the abyss by the Vortex of Souls.

Guts picked up his Beherit as he left.

  A.K.A. Count
See also Theresia

  Snake Baron

A.K.A. Lord of Koka Castle

  Solitary Island

One of the only ports in the remote Western Sea is a small fishing village built on top of a prison for the Sea God. The village worshiped the Sea God as one of the ancient gods from before the Holy See's rise to popularity.

  See also: Sea God, Isma, Western Sea


A teenaged girl born with the gift of clairvoyance, specifically, the ability to see into the future. She can also project thoughts. After a Kushan invasion of her hometown, Sonia becomes entranced by the symbol of the Falcon. When Griffith comes to rescue the village, she falls in love. Now she acts as a tactician for his forces by peering into the future. Seemingly knowing no fear, she is perfectly calm around the Apostles in Griffith's Army.

  See also Band of the Falcon

  Sword of Resonance

A common mistranslation of Yobimizu no Tsurugi.


Elemental entity associated with Wind. To activate his wind sword and cloak, Serpico must believe in Sylph.

  See also Elementals

  Sylph's Cloak

The elemental cloak of wind, given to Serpico by Flora. Wearing this cloak enhances its wearer's speed and mobility, as well as protection from other elements.

  See also Elementals, Sylph

  Sylph's Sword

The elemental sword of wind given to Serpico by Flora. The sword can cut through flesh and bone from a distance by harnessing Sylphs.

  See also Elementals, Sylph


These four Bakiraka are the personal bodyguards of Silat. Each of these four men have knots on their knuckles and mysterious markings on their foreheads.

  See also Bakiraka, Silat


Theresia is the Count's only heir. Her mother was sacrificed for the Count's entry as an apostle. When she discovers her father's true form and his bloody past, it is too late for forgiveness, as the Count is cast down into the vortex before her eyes. Since Guts was the cause of her father's death and her own misfortune, Theresia vows vengeance on him. Guts encourages it. However, she has not been seen since this incident.

  See also The Snail Count

  Tower of Rebirth

An ancient tower in Wyndham which houses criminals and prisoners. Griffith was held here and tortured for more than a year.

The tower has a history dating back 1000 years to Gaiseric's Empire. It is said that 4/5 Angels were called down from Heaven to punish the evil King of Midland. 1000 years later, the remains of his capital lie intact but unknown at the bottom. The tower was constructed over the remains of the capital to bury its unclean past.

  See also Midland Kingdom, Gaiseric.

  Tower of Retribution

A large tower in Albion where the Holy See now hold dominion. Hundreds of years ago, a wiseman was imprisoned here by Emperor Gaiseric and tortured. He called out to God, who sent angels to punish the wicked emperor, or so the legend goes.

  See also Albion.


A predatory race from the nightmare world of the Qliphoth. Trolls are supposed to be astral creatures, but since Griffith's reincarnation, they were allowed access to the physical world. Since then, they have been invading the neighboring human village of Enoch and kidnapping women for breeding.

  See also Qliphoth

  Tudor Empire

Possesses the strongest military on the continent. Tudor managed to survive after its defeat in the Hundred Years War with Midland. Though it lost its famous general Boscone in the siege on Doldrey. Tudor has amassed its forces to protect Vritannis in the Holy See Alliance.

  See also Holy See Alliance


Ubik is a member of God Hand who resembles a small, floating man wearing opaque glasses.

  See also God Hand

  Ultimate Strong One

The name Zodd calls the Falcon of Light before he attacks him and subsequently "dies" in a dream, and loses his horn in reality.

  See also Falcon of Light


The small, ego-less beings that compose the element of water.

  See also Elementals

  Vandimion Family

An extremely wealthy family based in Vritannis, with holdings in the Holy See and many nations armies. Without the holdings of the Vandimion family, these powerful organizations would topple of their own weight.

  See also Federico Vandimion , Lady Vandimion , Magnifico , Farnese


Once the Count's doctor, Vargas was one of the first to see his true, demonic form. His family was murdered when they tried to flee the castle. But Vargas was spared and tortured by the Count, leaving him horribly disfigured and mutilated. He became a hermit, vowing for revenge, collecting several obscure artifacts, including the Snail Count's Beherit. However, Vargas is executed to draw out the Black Swordsman, in a failed scheme of the Count's.


Void is the assumed leader of the God Hand. His past, as well as the nature of the God Hand still lies in deep mystery.

  See also God Hand


On the surface of the Abyss is an ocean of souls. In that ocean is a massive, collective body of all departed human souls, shaped like a giant spiral. When an Apostle dies, the vortex rises to the Physical world to pull their demonic bodies back to the Abyss. The Vortex is the destiny of anyone caught up in the affairs of the God Hand.

  See also Berserk Universe


The port city of Vritannis has become a garrison for the Holy See's allied armies. Consequently, it is also a stronghold of several prominent nobles of the continent, and the home of the prestigious Vandimion family.

  See also Holy See Alliance


A province ruled by a duke in the east. Along with Morgar, Walatoria defends the eastern border from the Kushan threat.

  See also Holy See Alliance

  Western Sea

A vast body of water that seperates the main continent from islands such as Skellig. Vritannis is the major port town associated with the Western Sea.

  See also Skellig, Isma, Solitary Island


Giant crystals in the shape of wings that rose from the ground surrounding Falconia. They prevent monsters from approaching the city.

  World Spiral Tree

A massive tree with two trunks spiraled together growing where Ganishka's transformed body once stood. Its wide branches can reach across the planet and emit an eerie light. Its roots are planted very close to Falconia.

  See also Falconia


A notorious Apostle and leader of the tyrannical Black Dog Knights, a band of criminals and rapists. After the Bakiraka's failure, the brutal strength of Wyald was the last weapon for the King to send after Griffith and the Falcons. Wyald's Apostle form obliterates his own army and several of the Falcons. But when he threatens Griffith's life, Zodd steps in to protect the interests of the God Hand.

  See also Black Dog Knights


The capital of the Midland Kingdom. During the Hundred Years War, the King, Queen and hundreds of elite nobles reigned from this illustrious, well-defended city. The royal court hosted huge banquets during the war, uniting the nobles with high-ranking generals. A culture of rumors and shadowy affairs grew within the ranks of the nobles, creating a secret brotherhood within the royal court.

After the war, the kingdom grew drunk from the spoils of war. Without reconciling their war-torn borders or rebuilding the near-toppled kingdom, the increasingly insane King led Midland to destruction on a wild goose chase searching for Griffith. Wyndham eventually fell along with all other major Midland cities to the rapid spread of the Kushan Invasion. Currently, Wyndham houses the Emperor Apostle Ganishka and his demonic army of Pishacha and Daka.

  See also Midland Kingdom, Tower of Rebirth,

  Yobimizu no Tsurugi

The Skull Knight's hidden weapon. When he swallows his sword, it becomes charged with the Beherits he has taken into his body. The sword then has the ability to slice through dimensional layers. He uses its ability to escape from the collapsing Qliphoth, however it is implied that it has other uses. The Skull Knight said that he was saving it to entomb those beings [God Hand] in the Vortex.


An island country near Vritannis with a strong Navy. According to Roderick, they favor isolation in international relations.


Father of Jill, Zepec is a true peon of a man. He sells information on Guts whereabouts to the Holy Iron Chain Knights in the hopes that it will bring him fame and fortune.


The beastial swordsman Zodd is said to have wandered battlefields for over 300 years, looking for opponents worthy of his blade. Guts has encountered him several times in his travels and each battle has been to the edge of death, sometimes for both of them. His rivalry with the Skull Knight shows that he is more honorable than the average apostle. But, at his core, his loyalty is with the God Hand. He now serves as a leiutenant in Griffith's reformed Band of the Falcons.

  A.K.A. Nosferatu Zodd
See also Band of the Falcon


The Count's head bodyguard who fails in his attempt to capture Guts on several occasions. Zondark is transformed by the Count and fights with Guts twice more, in his new, transformed body. Guts makes short work of him, despite his horrifying mutation.

  See also Quasi-Apostles