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    Lith's colors & tutorials

    This is insane, dude.
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    What are you reading?

    That book is unique in the series. Erikson goes full philosopher in some scenes for some reason, but overall, I think you'll enjoy what you see... A very little image of the grand plot is finally revealed at some point.
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    What are you reading?

    Almost finished with the third and last book in the Prince of Nothing trilogy by Scott Bakker, which title I will not say since its author described it as "spoiler" (:shrug:). It features the greyest of protagonists, a truly terrifying man named Kellhus, whose only ability is knowing "what comes...
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    Episode 359

    Damn, this news instantly made this month a good month for sure. Now at last we shall see how Miura will apply the concept of the different flow of time in Elfhelm in the story, see its effects. At what point in time will the boy meet up with his parents? Will they have had enough time to be...
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    What are you reading?

    Finished Reaper's Gale and Return of the Crimson Guard. Esslemont does a good job. Not as good as Erikson, but passable, and better than before. It's really recommended to read it, or at least find a summary after reading Reaper's Gale, because there's a lot that happens there, some key...
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    What are you reading?

    Nice! How did you like that ending? :ubik: Now, Midnight Tides... It has one of the strongest prologues of the series imo. It felt flawless for me. Don't know if stronger than MOI's, but strong nonetheless. In fact, that prologue is very important, it is the first step into the second half of...
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    What are you reading?

    I'm at Reaper's Gale. And I can tell you just this: every book tops the previous one. Period. Just let that sink for a moment. Now, some people don't like House of Chains. It takes some kind of "detour" at the beginning. It basically introduces a character that I won't name. In my opinion, it is...
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    Episode 357

    Nice! So guys, quick question: how much of the main story and events do you think Miura is leaving to his imagination nowadays compared to, for example, ten years ago? Now that the story is so advanced in time, one would think that he's now at a big pivotal point in which not much is susceptible...
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    Episode 356 part II

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    Episode 355

    The scene in which Casca sees Guts approaching her, in full armor, the sword on his back... Man, it's so full of detail we could talk about it all day. Could the Sovereign have given him instructions to present himself like that on purpose? Also I like how Miura handles Guts. Seemingly...
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    Episode 353

    The look in eyes, it's simply so well done. So calm yet so expressive. The art in Berserk is becoming so extraordinarily good, it hurts. And it's a good turn that [spoiler] the child is going to be the last piece. The challenge for Casca now is to put that piece into her life, to find a place...
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    Episode 353

    That look in her eyes... Damn
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    Episode 352

    Damn, son
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    Episode 352

    Damn this forum should be on fire at this point. Do we truly realize that Casca's problem is about to reach an answer? Isn't this December going to be the most magical one of the last few years? I've waited years for this. I can feel the faith grow within me once again and the hype is fucking real
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    Volume 39 release

    Holy fucking shit, this looks amazing.
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