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Does anyone else actually like Corkus? Characters don't have to be enjoyable 24/7 to be good. Like yeah, he was annoying as fuck but his dynamic with Guts? :badbone: He also brought up some pretty valid points during their talk before Guts left. Tired of seeing my boy get hated on 24/7. :carcus: :carcus: :carcus: :carcus:
Playing RDR2 again for the first time in a couple of years :SK:. I watched Markiplier play it upon release in 2018 and purchased it a year later to play Chapter 1. I never really got what was so great about it until now. This won't be another Red Dead Redemption dickriding post, as I'm sure there's enough out there already. I just wanted to say that playing it for yourself is an entirely different experience, and I wish I realized that sooner. I feel like such an idiot for being so late to the party :rickert:. Anyways, I'm on Chapter 6 now. Here's a list of my favorite missions so far:
  1. Hell Hath No Fury
  2. A Fine Night of Debauchery
  3. Fine Joys of Tabacco
  4. Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten
Lenny and Hosea's deaths were so hard to watch, and so was Sean's :judo:. I knew what would go down during the Saint-Denis bank robbery and avoided playing it for as long as I could until no more side missions were left :farnese:.

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