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I was starving for more Berserk after 360. But after 361 and the podcast I feel strangely full. 2019 was my first big drought I’ve experienced. But 2019 is nothing compared to what many members of this forum have gone though. Muira takes his time but he always manages to fill a 20 page episode with at least an hour worth of discussion. That suplimented by this forum and content creators makes the wait worth it.
Victory! 360 finally got in the mail! A week after the Berserkless june issue. Now I'm waiting (without fear of not getting it) for 361. Thank for the mental support guys and gals and whatnot! Love you all.
Been running on very little sleep these days. Was up 'til about 2am getting the podcast finished last night. Gonna need to eliminate my sleep debt soon, and there's no relief on the horizon. As much as I loved reading and talking about 361, it will honestly be nice to just snooze through the rest of the month when it comes to Berserk.
One good thing about these new Deluxe Editions is I've managed to get 4 coworkers heavily into Berserk and now they've all started buying them.
Ive just received my old timer trophy. Its an honor to have spent 15 years everyday to check the board. Here's to another 15!
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