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    Episode 368

    Sword of the Pretty Darned Upset
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    Irvine and Sonia Speculation

    I kind of like the old theory that Irvine's sacrifice was his vision. Or more obviously, the theory where his story of always being alone is a fabrication to help him forget a sacrificed companion. It's fun to imagine all kinds of unlikely things though; picture Irvine and a legendary stag...
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    Episode 364

    Mine too. Thanks for the link.
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    Vampira's colorings

    I continue to be impressed at how much energy you are getting in there with your techniques. Bright bold colors and yet still fitting extremely well with the tone of the manga underneath. We've seen several people's color takes on some of these fan-favorite panels and yours are up there with...
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    The art style in Berserk and its evolution over the years

    The biggest inconsistency as such seems to me was just in the 2010s the style Guts’ face was drawn in evolved into a noticeably older look, possibly longer, definitely more gaunt, that I assume was meant to correspond to wear and tear from using the armor. It seems to me at some point Miura...
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    Lith's colors & tutorials

    Aw, thanks guys! Yo! Finally back with a Casca panel from 359. Woo! Giant size at
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    Vampira's colorings

    Wow, you have a great eye! These are dramatic and lively. You're getting maximum impact with every choice you've made. Very lovely and concise work.
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    Movies you've recently watched

    Just got around to seeing Alita. Though I don't think he's right for the part, I did really enjoy watching Christoph Waltz play Ido. It was cute as hell (maybe even... TOO CUTE). The sets and the art direction were pretty great. Perhaps less squalid than it could or should have been. Ed...
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    Is there a black and white print of this image?

    yoinked some color out to make this version, if you still need it. It still doesn't look like inks but it'd probably fit OK into a collage.
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    FloraCast Episode 2: Women's Berserk discussion

    Great posts guys. Uniformly Beautiful Lady Captives! Yes, it's a very old tradition mega-popularized with slasher films in the 80s, the dissonant juxtaposition of intensely horrific things happening to very attractive people. It's certainly intentional, a shorthanded way to maximize...
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    seasnipper's Art

    Really nice! I like your water brushes, the look fits perfectly.
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    seasnipper's Art

    Aw nice! Subtle and soft. Like it a lot. Good choices.
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    New Lost In Space: Yeah, agree. I remember being quite fond of the 60s one, especially Doctor Smith. This Doctor Smith is so relentlessly and non-amusingly irredeemable that it wasn't long before the whole family was just going 'ugh!!' every time the story went back to her. We actually...
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    Episode 356

    Lol, ok, yeah, on reflection it looks like you guys are right. Also having fun picturing them doing up the knots on their backs for each other.
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    Episode 356

    Boat snack! :troll:
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