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    Berserk TGC

    hi mp with the cards you're looking for. do you have some spare to trade?
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    [FS] OR [EXCHANGE] Berserk Konami TCG [BK4 & BK5 updated]

    Sorry for being a prick but you sounded like you were only interested in making a good profit of those cards... Good thing you reconsidered the price. Btw, are you not interested in trades ?(foil vs foil for example )
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    Berserk TCG Binder + Lot

    I'm interested in foil and BK4-51 if someone buying the lot want to soften the price by removing those cards..
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    [FS] OR [EXCHANGE] Berserk Konami TCG [BK4 & BK5 updated]

    > "I'm a tcg player" > Doesn't cross your mind that number means mana cost of card. oh well. I have tons of spare cards to sell too, never selling those more than the price I gave. Let's see how long your auctions stay like this.
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    [FS] OR [EXCHANGE] Berserk Konami TCG [BK4 & BK5 updated]

    Please provide links for you ebay auctions. If you're charging 4/5€ for common/uncommon cards, to me it's thievery too. Max 1€/maybe half an € for common/2€ for unco. rare depends of series.
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    Berserk TCG

    Is it what you're looking for ?
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    Any Berserk original art out there?

    Here you go from this website archiving yahoo auctions :
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    some sweet items just popped out on mercari

    Well indeed it seems all items are "repros" ( 複製原画 ) but in high quality ( 細密) , probably manufactured by editor. Maybe it's a bit too much for repros, I don't know.. The guy just added some autograph cards in the 35k-70k ¥ range; seems Tirade used to sell those kind of cards around 500$. So...
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    some sweet items just popped out on mercari my wife acceptance factor is not high enough to try to snatch any of those :D
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