Author Topic: Should Serpico spill the beans to Farnese about their common father now?  (Read 3210 times)

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Now that Roderick has stepped in to the scene and the new world order probably creating all kind of waves in the political scene of Berserk world, do you think Serpico should tell Farnese that they are, in fact, half-siblings? Do you think he would?

How do you think Farnese would react to the fact now, understanding that Serpico has kept it a secret all this time? Even through her eloping proposal back then before the holy iron knights business?

Personally, I have to say I don't see it happening right now. Only if Serpico considers it beneficial to Farnese, then it might happen. Farnese's reaction would be really interesting, I guess she would be really pissed at Serpico first (feeling betrayal because of lying by omission) but coming to terms with the facts (Serpico's hands have not exactly been free, like, ever) kinda quickly.

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I think it'll happen the day Farnese will come to him to say that she wants him to be his own man and to stop being her servant, and/or to break to him that she's got plans with Roderick. So not until Elfhelm at least.

And I think she'll get over it quickly enough, though it might be hard to take at first. She's got a strong enough personality to be able to take it now (and to forgive him), and all in all it wouldn't differ that much from their current relationship. They're a little too close for a simple master/servant relationship, yet they've been completely asexual towards each other for years, so being siblings perfectly fits the bill.