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Berserk Role Play interest check
« on: October 13, 2014, 06:51:26 PM »
Hey guys I have wanted to RP Berserk for a long time and I just want to see the interest people here would have in a role play. I imagine that Role Play could begin during the Golden Age Arc but could later fall into other Arcs as time goes on. The story could begin with all of us in a Mercenary Band that while powerful. Will never achieve the renown of the Band of the falcon. As time goes on things could change and the Mercenary Band could change into something else entirely.

Also a couple of Rules

No Apostle our Mythical Creatures at the start. Wouldn't make much sense for a Aposle our another creature of immense power to join a meager mercenary band. If you have to RP one make it happen later on in the story.

Magic must be kept hidden from the characters. If your Char is a Mage he our she must keep it secret untill the right time. I doubt Midland our Tudor would look kindly on witchcraft.

Standard Rules of Role Play apply

Hope there's some people out there who are interested.  :guts: