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Product Description

This statue is from the scene in Berserk volume 35, Fantasia Arc, Elf Island Chapter.
Guts is wearing the Berserk armor, and squatting on the bow of the Tentacle Ship.The stereoscopic bow makes this statue more powerful.The Berserk armor show that Guts has already lost his self-control.The left eye is painted in bright red color like fire in Guts heart, and as same as Mr. Miura shows in the comic.Blood expression on the Berserk armor and the mantle perfectly shows the intensive battle Guts faced.

Repaint Version

Our artisans have carefully painted the item bringing the grade up painting to the item. In order to meet the request of many customers, we have released a black repainting version of "Berserk- Tentacle Ship". We have painted the armor of the Berserk as the matte tecture of black. It looks exactly like the gun metal color.

In addition, the base portion of the product is changed to the iron rust red color. The combination of the black matte color and the iron rust red color has changed the image of the product. We have also added the crystal eye color- white and yellow gold in the pupil of the Skull head. You are able to choose the crystal eye color.
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