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Rules for Current Episodes
« on: January 25, 2004, 01:17:04 AM »

Berserk is prepublished in a Japanese magazine called Young Animal. As an active member of this board, you swear to this community on your honor that you are buying Young Animal if it is reasonably possible for you, or that you will whenever it becomes so. Additionally, you swear that you will purchase the volume(s) said episodes will be published in as soon as they will be available for sale. That is a must-do, no excuse. If at any point in time it becomes clear that you do not follow this rule you will be permanently banned.

Young Animal is a semi-monthly magazine (it's released every second and fourth friday of the month). Berserk is currently published in every other issue, and we indicate the dates and issues concerned as soon as they become known (so please, search before asking). The e-version of the magazine can be bought online for about $3 directly from the publisher's website. We have a detailed guide on how to do so.

Do not hesitate to use the Search function before asking any questions as they might have been answered numerous times already. It's never pleasant for people to repeat the same thing over and over because someone hasn't looked through previous posts.