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    Movies to look forward to

    I'm not impressed at all by the Dune trailer. I dont think the actor playing Paul has any presence and the art design is as generic as it comes. I'm surprised at the lack of grandiosity in the trailer as well. I was expecting some gorgeous camera work but what was presented did nothing for me. I...
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    What if Guts' group were split up into two teams?

    I would love for this to happen. As a reader, I'd really like an extended period of time to spend with a smaller group of characters. I tend to think that Guts and Casca might have to be split up, simply because Casca's trauma is still so severe and it seems so much ground still needs to be...
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    Cracks in the Blade/Guts' Choices

    Hey guys thanks for the thoughtful replies I totally acknowledge that revenge is Guts motivation, but the reason I dont see it as a selfish act was that he wanted revenge for the people he loved, not for himself. But that could be perceived as one and the same I suppose. And to be clear, not...
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    Cracks in the Blade/Guts' Choices

    By a more responsible choice, I think Guts could have returned to the Godo's home on a regular basis to see how Casca was doing, and spend a decent amount of time there "in between missions" so to speak. I also dont view Guts' crusade as purely selfish. I think he felt a responsibility to...
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    Cracks in the Blade/Guts' Choices

    So I just re-read Cracks in the Blade during my current re-read, and I wanted to share my thoughts and see what the rest of you guys think. So in regards to Godo's reproach of Guts for leaving, a lot of people seem to think he was right on all accounts, but I dont think he was right about...
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    SkullKast 106 - Snow and Flames (Vol 22-2)

    Not at all, you guys have that rare hybrid of conversational and super analytical. Like 4 friends who know a lot on many levels on a really deep subject.
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    SkullKast 106 - Snow and Flames (Vol 22-2)

    The last 2 episodes have been incredible guys. I dont say that lightly, as a podcaster myself I'm so impressed with the depth and presentation. Glad to hear all 4 of you on this one, always happy when Grail pops in, especially for some Farney love. Always appreciate your effort and execution...
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    Your favorite everything

    Favorite movie: Empire Strikes Back Favorite book: The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson Favorite TV-show: Twin Peaks/Star Trek the Next Generation Favorite Artsist Syd Mead Favorite anime: Zeta Gundam Favorite cartoon (western): Batman the Animated Series Favorite game: Super Metroid...
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    Poll: Do You Expect God-Hand-sized God Hand Flashbacks?

    I'm not sure... Miura is definitley taking his time and making sure all the big moments and events get time to resonate, like with Casca's return. But like you guys have pointed out on the podcast, there are some major events to come, like SK's origins, the clash with Griffith's lieutenants...
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    Episode 360

    I found this episode to be pretty emotional. When Casca grabbed Farnese cloak it hit me pretty hard. I'm re-reading the series right now and man has Casca been through a lot. I'm just so impressed how Miura is handling her return. Likewise Guts' reaction really hit the mark for me as well. Its...
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    Episode 360

    I did not think it was gonna happen until summer. I am so happy. Im dont want anymore heart wrenching scenes with Guts and Casca, but at least I'll have my support group here to help me through it lol!!! Hopefully it'll focus on Skullknight and not on crushing Guts' soul. I'm almost as excited...
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    SkullKast: 103 - The Kentarou Miura Timeline

    Hey Walter thanks for your response bud. As a fellow podcaster I know how much more enjoyable reviewing and analyzing new stuff is as opposed to diving back in well worn territory and bringing something fresh to the table is. I think what I enjoy most about the re-read is just hearing each of...
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    SkullKast: 103 - The Kentarou Miura Timeline

    So good to hear you guys again. I really enjoyed the episode and it was great hearing the entire crew assembled. I really enjoy the timeline breakdown and all the bits of information surrounding every release. I enjoyed the hiatus talk as well, and to hear the various views on it. As a newer fan...
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    Star Wars: Episode IX

    I'm so sad now that its over. Not only was Luke and Vader's entire story made completely hollow by the fact they didnt defeat the Emperor, but TLJ... Luke nearly murdering Leia and Han's son then just giving up and waiting to die with that green mile drooling down his beard. I just cant believe...
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    What is your favourite manga? (besides the obvious one)

    @MiyamotoPuck - Awesome! I hope you enjoy it. It gets super crazy at times, with truly tragic and grisly story twists. Prince Val can be utterly ruthless too. I think it'll surprise you. I own like 15 Volumes of it and its amazing. Fantagraphics' production value is insane too, as each volume is...
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