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    Threezero 1/6 articulated figures

    I guess we could comission a few heads and accessories to the 1/6th line. I could see different sets of arms ( bandaged, mechanical) and his pouches, knives, different hoods. I don't have any relevant files to try , but I guess its a feasible idea
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    Threezero 1/6 articulated figures

    Repainted threezero Berserker Armor guts. Made a good companion piece to BerserkBerserk's hundred men slayer
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    New Tattoo in honour of Miura

    Done it after hearing of Miura's passing, had been meaning to do it for a while, Berserker Armor, Griffith + brand of sacrifice
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    Threezero 1/6 Guts custom heads

    Hi Theoden, I think I'd be interested. A client purchased your busts for me to paint :) Can't wait to try the head too
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    2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 10

    This episode really shows how the team involved have got no idea about narrative and scenes. Everything is so choppy, you can't focus on a single image. The music was loud and out of place. The fight and the rhythm were broken up by minor stuff. The goo was comical, not scary at all. The horde...
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    1/6 Guts resin kit

    Another masteful piece, theoden, its a pity I can't afford them right now :) But they're a beauty to stare at, definitely.
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    AoW No. 437 - Armored Berserk Skull Helmet (Iron Rust) Version

    exactly. AoW has lost all its appeal for those cheap dishonest marketing tactics. Things which were supposed to feel unique, now feel rehashed, and it makes us collectors feel disrespected. At least now we have more options for great and affordable berserk collectibles.
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    ixupi's Sculptures

    Looks very cool. I had sculpted Rakshas too, but I gave him away as a bonus to a dude who bought my Grififth figma ;) I want to try his new "look" from the latest episode Really digging the pose and texture
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    Threezero 1/6 articulated figures

    Re: Upcoming: threezero 1/6 articulated figure Hi Folks, if you guys have any suggestions or criticism, I suggest we tell Threezero directly on facebook, they`re very keen to listen to fans and give feedback. I for one, don't quite like the face on the prototype. I think they could also give...
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    What do you do for a living

    Environmental Lawyer ;) Just started a small consulting firm .
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    Guts Black swordsman 1/6 Red MARK x Inflames "sword in the wind"

    I hope they do release it in the end, and at a fair price. Its not licensed , so I don't think it will be more expensive than Medicom. Overall, excellent figure and delivers everything we'd expect from a Black Swordsman Guts...
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    Guts Black swordsman 1/6 Red MARK x Inflames "sword in the wind"

    I just saw this today. I have no idea how, or when, or where to get this, but it looks amazing. Much better than the medicom figure.
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    Zodd Revetations 2015

    And now, to make things even more ridiculous, they're throwing in a Locus smeared with poop in a "lucky" draw
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    Threezero 1/6 articulated figures

    Re: Upcoming: threezero 1/6 articulated figure Man , I'd definitely love to update the Berserk collection to good looking articulated figures. I think Threezero is the company to deliver. They take a while to produce figures, and they have lots of lines currently. Walking dead, mass effect...
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    Griffith: The Battle for Doldrey 1/10 Scale Limited Version 1&2 - Dec 2014

    It looks so artificial, the blood. I don't know, I feel pity for AOW, they could have improved , and they gave us amazing sculpts, but nowadays they're trounced by everything else. Even figma have better sculpt and paintjobs.
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