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Hakusensha recently launched an online lottery service they're calling 漫福ガチャ, which is pronounced Manpuku Gacha. "Manpuku" is a mix between "manga" and "good luck", while "gacha" refers to old school vending machines that get you a random capsule with a trinket inside in exchange for a coin. It's hosted on a dedicated third party platform called Gachatoku that features many other companies and IPs.

Berserk was the first series they featured on it, and that campaign ran from November 11 until December 26, 2022. I'm only posting about it now because the gacha mechanic is very effective at getting people to spend unreasonable amounts of money, so I didn't feel like advertising it.


Five tiers of rewards were offered, labeled from A to E.
  • The A tier had two painting reproductions (size: A5), with a 1% chance of being awarded.
  • The B tier had two decorative plates (size: 206×26 mm), with a 9% chance of being awarded.
  • The C tier had five "big frame magnets" (size: 72×110 mm) with a 25% chance of being awarded.
  • The D tier had eight "acrylic clips" (size: 50×50 mm) with a 30% chance of being awarded.
  • The E tier had sixteen illustrated sticky notes (size: 50×50 mm) with a 35% chance of being awarded.
Of course, among each tier, the precise item you get is also randomized, so even if you get three A tier rewards, they could all be the same illustration.


In addition, for 10 rounds purchased all at once (not separately), a free Puck wooden keychain (size: 30×30 mm) was offered. Five types were available, also randomized. And lastly, each round had an infinitesimal chance of getting a bonus item: a coffee mug (size: 80×95 mm) with an illustration of Guts (the full version of the one on volume 17's dust jacket) printed on it. Only 10 of these were made available. From what I saw, it took until the very last day for them to run out.

Each round of the game cost 880 yen, and they could be bought from one at a time up to a hundred. I've noticed that for the other series, the cost is only 770 yen. Make of that what you will. The rewards will be shipped in March.
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