Berserk vs Vagabond

Hello everyone

spoilers up ahead

i want talk about two of my favorite manga of all time. Both of them are masterpieces in both of story telling and really (i mean really )marvelous art.
What i like in both stories that they could not be more different from each other in what they trying to achieve.

Berserk to me gets your attention from the start: with its dark world and interesting character Guts. He is really not your typical so called good boy like other manga, and through the Golden age arc we understand why he act in the way he is now; he just does the only thing that he knows best which is to survive. The main thing that Berserk and Vagabond manga share, is the Journey of both Guts and Musashi Miyamoto, both on the journey of life for different reasons. You see both them grow while from life changing events: Guts true change came from hearing Griffith what a true friend means to him while Musashi Miyamoto from killing 70 men.

Vagabond to me aims for different goals in its story. it is a philosophical experience of man searching for a meaning in his life . At first Musashi thought that being the strongest man in the world will mean something, but just to find that you are only killing other human beings that their life ended from his sword. Vagabound makes really think about the vulvae of every person and not just like other stories when the main character kills 5000 person only to save one !. The transition of Musashi from a typical wanna be strongest swords man to a philosopher is really breath taking for me and makes me miss the manga.

from your point of view what do think?
I love them both, though Berserk has the edge for me as the favorite of the two. But both are masterworks by incredible artists and Vagabond is the first thing that comes to mind when people ask for a peer to Berserk.

I love how the two manga have opposing but equally valid outlooks on life. Berserk is about fighting against the insurmountable and overcoming it. Vagabond is about flowing, and being at harmony, with the world and where life takes you.

Anyway, we have seen two great works take shape within our lifetimes. I hope Vagabond at least reaches completion one day.
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