Did Miura sensei really draw Berserk pixel by pixel?

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No, that's not true. In September 2019, Miura gave a long interview about Dur-An-Ki and the future of Berserk. In it, he's asked how moving to digital drawing changed his process and his conception of manga creation. He answers humorously that the ability to magnify the image as much as he wants tempted him to work at the level of individual dots, but that he refrained from it. I will quote puella's translation of it below.

Now, there are two things I want to point out. The first is that he doesn't talk specifically about pixels but dots. The word can mean pixel in Japanese but the difference matters here because we're talking about drawing manga (think vector vs raster). The second is that, besides the fact he clearly says he didn't actually do this, it's important to note that he's joking here. No one actually had to restrain him to stop him from drawing at a microscopic level. You should see it more as him fighting the urge to create panels that are too detailed, which is indeed something he tried to balance in the later volumes, as he wanted to keep the pages legible and release episodes at a reasonable pace.

Has the digitalization changed your conception for expression of manga?

Yes. I thought I got a convenient thing and it was good enough to be used as a tool, because it’s actually used for something like "enlarging the image continuously to see it dot by dot? Huh? Huh?!" *laughs* I feel like during the editing process they would grab me from behind, telling me "Sensei! Please stop!" several times. I shook it off (refrained his crazy desire).

Hahaha *laughs*

Mori (Mori Kôji, Miura’s friend since high school) also often said "it’s good you didn't reach that point." And I could give it up… Now I deem that drawing is in my personality. I just hope the overall level of my studio is improved with "Duranki" and I want to give that back to Berserk.
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