No name's colorings

All of these are great especially the tortured Griffith. If I could give one piece of constructive criticism as someone who also colors and fucks around with berserk panels, it'd be about the last one with the kushan. the brown of the horses and skin clash hard against the other colors and stick out, don't be afraid to use dull colors or really play around with a color dropper for that great color that you didn't know would fit. sometimes I'll copy the color from one of the colored panels in the darkhorse volumes and then tweak for a while to make it suit a bolder digital image rather than the colored pencil vibe


Feel the funk blast
Nice stuff man! I like how you highlighted the intensity of the gaze using color!

Is Bastard still going? I love that old 90s OVA. :ganishka:
And i was wrong about bastard!! still going, it ended 2011.The story is unfinished but the mangaka is finished with drawing it.I am sorry.:judo:
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