Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

There also will be a Skull Knight on horse statue which will be very expensive

Yeah... estimated to the tune of $3600 USD which is craziness. I mean, it will be massive at 1/4 scale, and surely amazing. But man... it will hurt.

As for the SK standing pose they just revealed... I am not a fan of the overly metallic paint job. But the proportions of the piece are quite nice, and the battle damage look is an interesting take on him. The candles will flicker (which may look kind of cheesy) but I do like the base in general. Pose is not very creative but since this is P1's first SK and they tend to do very standard poses for their museum line, it is to be expected.

Originally, I had every intent to buy both, but if the horse one is gonna be $3600, I might have to do the responsible thing... (which is buy neither lol but of course that won't be the case!)

Also here's a size comparison:

Some more pics:
I'm only getting Prime 1's 1/3 scale Guts (the 1/4 scale Guts's faces look horrible imo) but I'm really impressed in the level of detail each statue has (well you'd hope if you're paying over a grand for it lol). I'm sure the SK on horseback statue will look amazing, but $3,600 for a statue seems a liiiiittle much for what it is. Kind of wish we'd go back to 1/6 scale statues.
Skull Knights shoulders should be wider, shoulder pads need to be angled down more, spikes on the pads look too long and skinny and also need to be angled down more. I was really hoping they nailed this one but damn I can't get over those concerns.
This 1/4 line is amazing but I can't afford it, too much characters but I ordered the Guts 1/3, Its the ultimate Guts I was always looking for (sword held, face and base ...)
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