Author Topic: Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler Japanese Blu-ray - IN HAND!  (Read 11100 times)

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So, is the Blu Ray not region free as previously suggested?

Ahhh, that I can't be sure of.  I looked on the packaging, it doesn't specify any region as far as I can tell.  So it still might be region free, but I have no way of checking since I only own a Region A bluray player (US PS3).  Sorry!  Maybe someone from the B or C regions can confirm once they get it?

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Thanks DK, I was trying to zoom in on your pictures for clarification, but I guess I won't know until mine shows up. It looks like its stuck in customs  :mozgus:

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daamn now i want it even more,mine is suppossed to arrive friday..rave reviews coming this week :D

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Thanks Derek for the update, you're my hero.
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To play this BD, you must renew the encryption key. Perform a system software update to renew the encryption key.
Won't update PS3 to keep homebrew.

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The engrish on the box is terrible. Makes it look very unprofessional

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FedEx requires a signature...but I've been at they haven't dropped it off yet. I'm hoping I'll be able to pick it up tonight from the nearest FedEx location...grrr...