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Re: Guts' physical scars
« Reply #25 on: March 10, 2008, 09:46:52 AM »
Do you think Guts being on the brink of death since child birth, some how works in his favor?  When it comes to fighting the darkness?

It's been explicitly said in the manga that his harsh life would help him survive the Occultation ceremony and struggle through its aftermath.

I mention this because his Dragonslayer some how achieved the ability to wound forces from other layers. Of course only after being bathed in the blood of some many. Guts himself likely has had just as much blood on himself as his sword.

Uhh, I'm afraid you're mistaken here. The Dragon Slayer acquired the ability to harm astral beings because Guts slew tons of spectres and apostles with it. It's not literally just a matter of bathing in any blood; it only applies to those he killed that were supernatural creatures and not to normal humans. Anyway, I don't think Guts has had nearly as much blood on himself as his various swords did.

Speaking about the dragon slayer, was it really the blood from its victims that enchanted it

It was imbued by the essence of the many astral beings Guts killed over the years.

did the "Dragon" it killed have something more do with its abilities to physically harm spirits? Or was just a unconfirmed "legend" behind the sword.

No dragon was slain by the Dragon Slayer. It's not merely unconfirmed, we're sure it didn't happen. As you would, had you read that part of the manga more attentively. And this talk of "physically harming spirits" doesn't make much sense. The power the DS gained is to harm on the spiritual level and not just corporeally.

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Re: Guts' physical scars
« Reply #26 on: April 08, 2008, 04:10:10 PM »
As of now just how badly scarred is Guts? The only character that I can think of who has even more then Guts would be Shishio Makoto from Rurouni Kenshin.

Well considering that he even has tiny little scars covering even his fingers, I'd have to say he's pretty bad off. Then again, I would imagine that Guts really doesn't care.  :guts: