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Speaking of Wee Hughie, it's so weird seeing Jack Quaid play him after I've read the comics. Got nothing against Mr. Quaid but god I do miss that short grumpy scotsman.

I've been reading the The Boys comic from 2009 and I gotta say its a lot better than people give it credit for. Sure in comparison to the show it might not have a lot going for it but I really don't think the two are even comparable. The comics are edgy and gross but thats sort of the whole point and it never tries to be more than that. Quite different from the show thats more emotionally driven and "deep". Love them both but you definitely can't go into one expecting the same thing from the other. I hope they make an animated show that stays 100% faithful to the comics because that episode of Diabolical with Billy and Wee Hughie was really fun. :badbone:

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