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Hi skullknight dot net,
I've known about this online community for a while, probably almost as long as I've been reading Berserk (going on 9 years by now, a bit before they got off the boat). Lately I've had a lot of fun revisiting the series, catching up on the latest chapters and doing some drawing and linocut work inspired by the series. You all seem like a really cool and encouraging group, stoked to be here.
I'll be in Japan in a little less than a week now! I'm excited and nervous of course to see the exhibition and "live" in Japan for a week. The future ramen and sushi I'll consume are already occupying a good portion of my brain, even as I type this. I've probably spent $150 on travel materials. I'm overcompensating because I haven't flown since before the pandemic hit, and I haven't left the US since 2008. I've been writing down things I'll need and planning for contingencies. There are a lot of details to consider when you're traveling to a place where you don't functionally speak the language.

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