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    New Look to SKnet

    looks sexy. : )
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    Berserk Hiatus for 19+ Weeks—A New Record

    Forget your worries and start over from Vol. 1! :guts:
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    Walter's Son

    Holy Crudcow. Really glad to hear that you guys and the handsome little guy are safe. Sounds like it's going to be a long 6 weeks, but glad that you can be there for her.
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    Episode 329

    This was an incredible episode. It's a testament to Miura's ability that I can go from grinning my freakin' face off to being distraught that this brand new character is gone. I'd also agree with some of you guys that this is the cutest thing in Berserk. I almost couldn't contain how cute and...
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    Dragon's Dogma

    This game comes out on my birthday. :guts: and it looks like a pretty good game to boot! I played the demo for 360 and I really enjoyed it. The animations are rather good, and the monster designs are pretty neat too. Tried to create my best Guts with a Caska pawn...they looked surprisingly close!
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    Some of my doodles

    Awesome work! I love these pens...ballpoints, right? They're really fun to doodle with on napkins and whatevers lying around. Keep it up! Copying pictures and art is one of the best ways to improve in my opinion. You'll learn a lot, especially if you're copying someone like Miura.
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    French Senate passes Armenian genocide law

    You're not an advocate of peace if you don't advocate peace, even if they are dirtbags they don't deserve to die.
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    Guts Figma

    Hell yeah! That's exciting. I hope Berserk sees more of this kind of mainstream toy production. You guys are quick.
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    What Are You Playing?

    That sounds like it's a really interesting play through! I would be really happy if they just changed that about all future zeldas. I love exploring! Been playing Infinity Blade 2 lately. Just beat it in fact. Pretty fun.
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    The Thread of Zelda

    Definitely. It was odd in that half the music really hit home and the other half was pretty dull. Maybe because of different composers working on different areas? dunno. Most technically impressive for sure, but I still enjoyed Skyward more than TP in this regard. Maybe because I'm not a big...
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    The Thread of Zelda

    Well, I just finished Skyward Sword! I certainly enjoyed the experience. I liked a lot more than I didn't like. Things I loved: The Music was pretty amazing at times. The music in some of the dungeons was forgettable. I don't know if they were doing that on purpose to give it more...
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    Your most hated words

    I hate 'definitely' because I can never spell it. But Epic, cake, lies, and any other unfunny meme.
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    Will you be voting this year?

    Which GOP candidate will you support? Or will you vote for Obama? Or not at all? I've only been able to vote for one election, but I've never been into politics. I've never felt strongly that I really agree with a candidate and his stance. But the more I read and hear about Ron Paul the...
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    What Are You Playing?

    Ah, that is a game I have some very fond memories with. : ) Portal 2 is also excellent! Good games to be playing on the holiday. Myself, I'm cooling it on the Skyrim for a bit to play Skyward Sword. Played a few hours so far and I'm loving it. It's great to be back in a Zelda game. I...
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    New around here.

    Welcome to SKNET! No better place for berserk-anything. You should post some of your art in the creation station, would like to see your work.
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