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Does anyone else actually like Corkus? Characters don't have to be enjoyable 24/7 to be good. Like yeah, he was annoying as fuck but his dynamic with Guts? :badbone: He also brought up some pretty valid points during their talk before Guts left. Tired of seeing my boy get hated on 24/7. :carcus: :carcus: :carcus: :carcus:
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He was a jerk, but he was really funny paired with Casca, or in the battlefield. Even by the end, I don't think of his death as dramatic as the others, it hurts, but it's still so surreal how he's sure it's all a dream.
I also like Corkus. I have a lot of patience for his character. He's the friend that you can disagree with.
Love him. One of the best characters in the series.
Playing RDR2 again for the first time in a couple of years :SK:. I watched Markiplier play it upon release in 2018 and purchased it a year later to play Chapter 1. I never really got what was so great about it until now. This won't be another Red Dead Redemption dickriding post, as I'm sure there's enough out there already. I just wanted to say that playing it for yourself is an entirely different experience, and I wish I realized that sooner. I feel like such an idiot for being so late to the party :rickert:. Anyways, I'm on Chapter 6 now. Here's a list of my favorite missions so far:
  1. Hell Hath No Fury
  2. A Fine Night of Debauchery
  3. Fine Joys of Tabacco
  4. Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten
Lenny and Hosea's deaths were so hard to watch, and so was Sean's :judo:. I knew what would go down during the Saint-Denis bank robbery and avoided playing it for as long as I could until no more side missions were left :farnese:.
40th anniversary of ROTJ was in its latest Disney form for the theater. Wish I'd have known beforehand.
How is Vader saying "No" to his witness of his son being tortured and murdered by his master a puzzling change?
Because it's unnecessary and the movie has been out for 40 years now and it's simply cooler without it? Would the Creation of Adam been improved if Michelangelo added lightning bolts and a "!" around the fingers decades later? You know, so the audience GETS IT.
Besides, he'll probably change his mind in five years and revert it back. Anyone remember Luke screaming as he falls in cloud city after the first Vader confrontation?
You think the creator of his own story wouldn't know what's necessary and what isn't? It's been 40 years and his story has expanded past the initial Luke saga. There's a historic element now to the mythopoetic and it's reflected in Vader.

Props to you for being original and not citing the Mona Lisa as a ridiculous and false comparative example, though. A common comparison is with Leonardo's Mona Lisa. Of course, that doesn't work, since Leonardo worked on the Mona Lisa until he dropped dead, changing something every couple of years.

The change in ESB was not him, it was a remixing error. He didn't change his mind as it was as it always has been for that scene.
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