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    The Story Behind Your Username

    The name isn't Bob, I just wanted a funny name to represent the mundane Apostles running around the Demon army. Not all of them are a Zodd. Some have to be a Bob. The voice of the people!
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    Episode 368

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    [2022] Berserk: The Golden Age MEMORIAL EDITION

    My wishlist: An extended sequence of Guts going on the initial raid with the Hawks and getting to know Judeau, Rickert, and Pippen. Earn him accepting a new home. Minister Foss and all his Schemes The Queen and her schemes An extended Casca backstory Griffith clawing his arms over the boy...
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    Episode 367

    Some interesting new images! Hahaha. I think apologies are out of the question at this point.
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    Episodes 365 & 366

    I just read it. I am pleasantly surprised. The style emulates Miura well in many ways. It's different at times and I can nitpick quite a few things, but overall it has that deep detail work and the contrast between Guts's fury and Griffith's grace comes across well.
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    Young Animal announces a continuation of Berserk by Studio Gaga, supervised by Kouji Mori

    While I'm skeptical, and concerned about anyone else taking the reigns on the art or story of Berserk, this is probably the best possible version. Mori was close to Miura and is an accomplished Mangaka himself, and Studio Gaga must know his artistic principles better than most. While there...
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    TigerV's manga colorings

    These are amazing. I love your coloring! Great added depth and lighting.
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    Episode 364

    Ordered my physical copy. Gotta mark the event.
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    Episode 364

    Oh wow. Well I expected at least one more work in progress. Interesting to see Miura's final indication where he was taking it. Dealing with the boy could tie quite a few things up. Thanks Heiji-Sama for the news!
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    Thank You SKnet!

    What a wonderful community that brings us all around the excellent quality of this series over the past couple of decades. Patient, detailed, and committed to not steering anyone wrong on the details. Genuinely committed to ensuring the artist gets his due by policing and discouraging piracy. I...
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    Kentarou Miura has passed away

    RIP. A total legend. I wish I knew the man better.
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    I'm sure I'm late to the party, but Castlevania has some definite Berserk inspiration going on.
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    Does each Eclipse create the next generation of apostles?

    I was recently reading another thread in which Aaz was answering an old lore question about where Beherits come from, and his answer made me look at something a bit differently. "They are drops that rise from the Abyss when Griffith sheds his last tear." We see this happen with Griffith and...
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    Episode 363

    Woo-hoo! Maybe Skull Knight will give us context for what Guts just experienced. Flashback time!
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    Berserk Redux: A Fanedit of the Golden Age and the '97 anime

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays fellow strugglers. Some of you will be aware that this was in the making, but I have remastered all the Redux films for a final pass that includes high bitrate, re-mixed audio, additional scenes, and minor fixes. Though in the past I have updated my source...
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