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    Episode 363 (January 22)

    Woo-hoo! Maybe Skull Knight will give us context for what Guts just experienced. Flashback time!
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    Berserk Redux: A Fanedit of the Golden Age and the '97 anime

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays fellow strugglers. Some of you will be aware that this was in the making, but I have remastered all the Redux films for a final pass that includes high bitrate, re-mixed audio, additional scenes, and minor fixes. Though in the past I have updated my source...
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    Status of Berserk's Pre-publication

    Thanks for the diligence Heiji-sama.
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    SkullKast 109 - Starving Demon (Vol 23 Re-read | Part 1)

    Great episode! I always get a lot out of this re-read analysis. Some really interesting takes on a controversial event in the story.
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    SkullKast 108 - Phantom Death

    Another fantastic podcast as always!
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    Episode 362

    I forgot about this. I recall Charlotte being descended from Gaiseric's line, per the story in the Tower of Rebirth. If so it would be easy for some human descendent to be out of town. Could even be a cousin or brother. But if it was human offspring... It could throw water on the theory that...
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    Episode 362

    I second Gobs with 'The Gosh Hand.' Welcome back, Hell! Interesting! Either way it makes Danan (sorry 'bout that) much more tied into the core story. Interesting that he told Guts that during an incarnation event. And both this and that had a city-wide brand... It couldn't be the same type...
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    Episode 362

    Hmmmm. Void pulled up by something more Astral? Truly Old Gods?
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    Episode 362

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    Final SK/Void Theories before new episode?

    I shudder to think of it...
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    Causality's countercurrent

    Thanks Aaz, I love these deep dives!
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    Final SK/Void Theories before new episode?

    Skullknight and Void were lovers. Zodd is their son
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    Dark Horse's Digital Berserk Volumes on Sale: $4 each [Amazon]

    This is a fantastic sale!
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    Favorite Apostles

    Happy to hear them. Miura obviously cares about creating a specific roster of apostles. May as well track it as accurately as we can, even for trivia.
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    Favorite Apostles

    Hey there. Here's my OCD compiling of all the reoccurring apostles. One of the things I really appreciate about Miura is that he makes all apostles unique and he keeps many consistent over the course of the series across decades. Many from the Eclipse are in the new Band of the Falcon. Almost...
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