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    Episode 359

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    Episode 349

    Yay it's out!! Will drive over to my nearest kombini (about 20 minutes away) and grab right after work!!
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    Episode 340

    What an amazing episode! It feels amazing getting 3 episodes of Berserk in a row like this with no end in sight, it's totally reinvigorated my Berserk hype :guts: Rakshas is my favorite Apostle so seeing this much of him lately has definitely made me happy. After getting a platinum trophy in...
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    Joys of owning the Jets Comics Berserk mangas in Japanese

    Laughed so hard reading the first 3 posts of this thread....almost makes me want to collect the Japanesel release too!
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    My Gut's cosplay

    Re: My Guts cosplay Wow! So modest for such a great cosplay. With you already thinking there is room for improvement, I can't believe what this cosplay might become one day ! Already probably the best overall Guts cosplay I have EVER seen. Congrats man! :guts:
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    Skullknight.NET Podcast: Episode 42

    Hope you guys are enjoying the break, can't wait to hear your thoughts on the "final" Gigantomakhia episode. Just realized I was two behind and am just in the middle of listening to 12. Really enjoyed Gigantomakhia and enjoyed the way it ended, so huge in scale. Great how he create that whole...
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    Gigantomakhia—new 6-part scifi miniseries by Miura

    Thanks you so much for the ep and thank you Aaz for the descriptions. Such an awesome episode, wonder how this will all finish?? It's kind of sad seeing how great this is and knowing there is only one episode left :( but at the same time, that brings us ever closer to Berserk!! :guts:
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    Would the eclipse have turned out slightly different if Guts...

    This thread is pretty dumb...why are people splitting so many hairs?! He may have been able to injure or kill a few more than if you didn't have his sword, BUT THAT IS IT! We can't really speculate if the events would would have unfolded that much more differently because they were done that way...
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    Initiating other people to the series

    Interesting time for this thread to come back to life! One of my best friends at Uni randomly told me he had started it last week and if he could borrow the hard copies! We had been watching some anime and he said that my figures had actually been what inspired him to start it. He's never read...
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    Berserk Saga Project News

    That "looking back" Griffith is pretty hilarious....I THINK in a bad way....but depending on how self aware it is it IS a little funny....I honestly don't even know. Very feminine haha.
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    Statue Katou 'battle of justice' (GANTZ) by AOW

    Another freaking awesome AOW Gantz statue I saw pop up recently. So freaking awesome but so expensive D: .
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    Dark Souls II

    Definitely happy with what was shown today. Lot of emphasis on the lighting which is interesting. That death montage at the end was really cool.
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    Dark Souls

    Congrats Truder ! Just in time for the new Dark Souls 2 news landing on the 11th! Just posting a freaking awesome video that was posted today.
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    Metal Gear Solid V Officially Announced

    I think it is important to note that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are still two seperate games that TOGETHER make up MGS:V At least they are getting a little more creative and...
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    Volume 37

    not a bad cover but a bit underwhelming. I agree about the colours. Really like that mouth/teeth in the background, very menacing!
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