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    I Just Noticed Something...

    Can we find the same panel on the other members of the God Hand?
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    The Age of Darkness - Past, Present, or Future?

    Thanks for the answer and sorry to continue the subject. But, if they are aware of it, so Femto. It's not his own doing, he is help by the other, by the circonstance they create for it, but it express the will of his very soul, to be king, king of all, like Guts said, he will not stop with...
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    The Age of Darkness - Past, Present, or Future?

    I vote All of the above. But, i have one major question about it. It's about The God Hand's Agenda, I can't remind a clear intention during the manga wich make this assumption about "A God Hand's Agenda" like a true motive of the God Hand who work together or separetely for the same goal...
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    Upgraded Forum for SKnet / New Themes

    Hello everyone. I don't if it's hereI didn't really search if it was already evoked in the forum, but the Guts's Kill Roster is crash. Except that, its a great work about the new version. Thanks a lot.
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    "Guts and Griffith - What Makes A True Hero?" [Soul]

    Thanks a lot for the share. A very good point of view.
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    Episode 355

    A hiatus, it was expected too... But we see her again, that's cool. I can wait now. Edit : Oh, i post, but i didn't read before the resume. Edit : sorry, for all misuse of word, i will progress, i promess ! Edit 2 :
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    Episode 354

    It's my first post since almost 10 years. I suscribed in this communauty to be the most closer to the real information and comment about Berserk and during all this years i never be disapointed by the communauty. Like a lot here, i began reading Berserk in 2004, and wait fort 14 years this...
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