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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    Really liked the episode. One thing that really stood out to me was the Kim flashback scene when they are signing the papers, I was honestly waiting for a look on Saul's face of maybe sadness and regret as Kim walks out the door, but no, at this point he's completely Saul Goodman not a shred of...
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    Better call Saul
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    SkullKast 132: Vanishing Cherry Blossoms (Ep. 367)

    Really good pod. I was actually thinking the Berserk armour would activate and we would get a more insane fight between Guts and Griffith with the armour activated, its literally Griffith standing right there, its true it just makes no sense for it not to activate, unless for some reason they...
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    The Art of Guin

    Luffy from one piece
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    Wow Griffith you summed up perfectly my thoughts about this stranger things season, well put!. I agree about Vecna just appearing out of nowhere being linked to literally every plot point out there, I think they wanted a villain that was actually a character instead of this evil force, but it...
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    Episode 367

    You can really tell this is the bare bones story points now. Zodd shows up literally not a single word exchanged between him and Guts, it's as if Zodd is just a generic no name apostle that is just lunging at Guts undeserving of any characterization, Guts's internal thoughts are extremely basic...
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    Adventures in YouTube

    Funny take I found on YouTube about the latest episodes
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    SkullKast 131: Eye of the Maelstrom (Ep. 365-366)

    Nice podcast, regarding what you said about Guts's not having a reaction to Griffith's transformation from the boy, I had that same exact thought as if something was missing there. I was really hoping for a page similar to Guts's face when he sees Griffith reincarnated, the level of nuance and...
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    My cat likes the Grunbeld novel!!?? [IMG]

    My cat likes the Grunbeld novel!!??
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    Episodes 365 & 366

    Wait some pages were leaked? But regarding the color poster it definitely looks like a more generic anime style with some Miura touches in there, Puck looks almost exactly like he did in one of the 2016/17 anime posters. It looks like key art for an anime project announcement or something. I'm...
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    The Art of Guin

    Another Berserk drawing, this is Casca in her elfhelm outfit with some falling cherry blossoms
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    The Art of Guin

    Thank you so much Grail
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    The Art of Guin

    New Guts drawing, this one is meant to be the bonfire of dreams scene
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    Young Animal announces a continuation of Berserk by Studio Gaga, supervised by Kouji Mori

    When I think of Berserk now it conjures up a lot of emotion within me, I'm still slowly but surely coming to terms with the passing of Miura, and was at peace with the story being concluded. All I can say is that I respect Kouji Mori, and him knowing the direction of the story that fans are...
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