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    Literary criticism of Berserk

    Well I rarely disagree with you Aazheal, as I think you have an excellent understanding of the story, but I think that literary criticism need not be bound by authorial intentions. I don't necessarily agree with Forest Wraith's as it sounds like he is trying to fit a lot of his interpretations...
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    The Guts/Farnese relationship thread.

    I thinking Puck will end up with all of the ladies by story's end and thus will start the Berserk harem spin off - with hilarious consequences.
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    Assassin's Creed

    I really enjoyed the game (though I would have preferred a less fantastical story line - still that isn't a major complaint) - I am always glad to see developers take risks. The interface works fairly well, though some really interesting things could be done with combat between the player and...
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    The ultimate PC controller: a bad idea gone horribly wrong

    Finally a game pad that would allow me individual control over my characters toes and digits. I would be willing to give such a thing a try if only for shear amusement (though I hate track balls - which is clearly this things biggest problem... :guts:). One thing is for sure, you wouldn't run...
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    Goat God

    The figure Baphomet is somewhat dubious - often associated with the Templar mythos/pseudo-history (in which Baphomet was not a goat-like figure). By the way I wouldn't look for historical accuracy in "300" - but goat-like figures have often associated with sexuality and fertility (such as Pan in...
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    Episode 290

    Not really cheap or macho, per se. The Kingship has always been Griffith's ultimate goal. It is what Ubik (in his old woman "costume") focused on when he was "persuading" Griffith to sacrifice the Band of the Hawk during the eclipse. Why shouldn't it be his focus now. I do not believe that any...
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    Episode 290

    It's statements like this that make my head want to explode. No offense but that makes no damn sense. By the way I don't see how the Berserk manga and the Berserk anime being injective (having a one to one correspondence) has any bearing in the order of events depicted there in - in fact I am...
  8. J love?

    I just vomited in my mouth.
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    Who is the sexiest girl?

    The world needs fewer pedophiles... and by fewer I mean none.
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    Die Hard 4

    But you can't say Motherfucker without getting an R.
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    Episode 285

    Since sarcasm is heavily dependant on verbal inflection it is kind of hard to identify it in text.
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    Episode 285

    I don't really see how that is Christianity "bashing"... In fact I never bashed anything in that statement. I was merely being absurd.
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    Episode 285

    Well, you have me there, sir. I salute you. I guess I wont try to soft pedal it next time.
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    Episode 285

    Just a heads up: implying that the anime in any way supersedes the manga is a good way to piss off a lot of people here. Not saying you did, not saying you didn't - just saying the events in the anime mean jack shit to a number of people on these boards. It doesn't help that the anime pales in...
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    Has Willow influenced Miura?

    That would be kind of difficult since 1) the X rating no longer exists 2) The NC-17 rating was created to replace it.
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