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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ::Updated with Screenshots:: 0_________0 This looks awesome, I'm also just as excited for this as I am for Mass Effect 3 :guts: heh heh heh I loved this
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    Heh hook line and sinker guys :ganishka: Although I didn't like how they've half implemented the attack system, because I was able to control how and when to attack I wanted to control how to block too It's like: HAWK -> XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX<-DARKSPAWN HAWK WINS The...
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    Heh yeah, I can see that now you've pointed it out Best thing I liked about it was that if you picked a good line of dialogue then the character continued with the same tone of voice, that was a neat little touch Oh yeah and is it just me or does Aveline remind you of a crap version of Jaheira?
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    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Yeah that would suck :puck: If they added a substantial amount of characters I could see merit in it but bringing out all the characters as a DLC pack aswell would be a better way to go, that way it doesn't make the first game so obsolete
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    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    I've had MvsC3 for a few days now and I'm really enjoying it, though I'm pretty sucky at it at the moment. At the moment I've got to say my favourite character is probably She-Hulk, even she doesn't really have much in the way of moves (though I do like her three chain super) but I've still got...
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    What Are You Playing?

    I got Kane & Lynch 2 the other day, played it a bit. It was OK but I wish IO interactive would just try and make a another great stealth game like they did with the hitman series (doesn't even have to be another hitman sequel) The action is a bit mediocre and the on-line modes are a little...
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    Conventions 2010

    I wish I was going to Comic Con too :isidro:
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    Games to look forward to!

    At the moment it's: Deus Ex 3 (after finally finding some early gameplay footage to watch, I'm even more excited for it :guts:) Ni no Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou It's like Tales of/Dark Chronicle/Ghibli film/game it's looking really good Portal 2...
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    Black Swordsman - on a bit of a budget

    This looks amazing, you'd better be beinging this to Amecon so I can take manymanymanymanymanymany photos! I didn't realise you were from the UK! Awesome :guts:
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    What are you listening to? (general music thread)

    Frankenstein - The Edgar Winter group
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    Adventures in YouTube

    Check this out also :guts:
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    Black Swordsman - on a bit of a budget

    I can't believe that boot armour is just card! :isidro: Is it just spray paint you're using on it? If so how are getting that mottled aged effect? Spraying lightly so that you get little blobs of black? :???:
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    Your Favorite Movie (general movie thread)

    Leon Shaun of the Dead Zatoichi Shaolin challenges Ninja (guilty pleasure this one, even though there are some far better kung-fu movies like ip man, hero, drunken master etc I still love this movie) And speaking of Kung-fu also Kung-Fu hustle Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Perfect Blue...
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    Farnese cosplay colors and opinions?

    I ripped this a while back if it's of any help... :serpico:
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    What are you reading?

    NYAR! It's been years since I've read this, I'm enjoying it all over again :guts:
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