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    Episode 359

    please let there be an embrace! i need to see it!
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    SkullKast: Episode 101 - Dawn of the Empire

    Walt: "Were gonna build a wall!" Grail: "And the Jotunns are going to pay for it!" :ganishka: You guys really went through a ton of interesting topics. the entire history of the demon child, the Mana idea or true name thing is a very interesting possibility, and the whole comparison about real...
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    Episode 358

    The world of Berserk is gushing with interesting things right now. Seeing Silat's warrior base would be really interesting, but i think most of us want to see Guts and Casca as soon as possible simply because its the most interesting thing going on at this time. and when you think about it...
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    Episode 358

    I think you might have answered my question rhombaad:ganishka: (its kind of obvious thinking back) They probably just influence each other, however slight it may be. If that's the case, then it's sad to think that the boy is aware even when he's not in control. what a sad life, maybe to...
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    Episode 358

    Casca is now sane so that is a very big difference compared to past Moonlight Boy interaction. if things are moving this fast, then id like to see the boy talk this time around, or at least have the transformation explained, is the boy really just a boy? Who's really steering the vessel in the...
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    Episode 358

    This episode is going to be a treat to fully understand. im waiting, fists clenched. I remember a theory of the Moonlight boy leaving Griffiths body somehow but this pretty much confirms that its a true physical transformation. I think Griff (our Griff) in a Skullkast once said something like...
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    Episode 358

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    Games to look forward to!

    Im just glad its on the Switch.
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    Berserk: The Motion Comic Episode 1 - The Black Swordsman (Part 1)

    Wasnt expecting something with that much work put into it. I wonder how long they will be able to do this sort of project. in the past these sort of projects tend to fizzle out because its too much work. at the very least i hope they finish the black swords man arc. a decent adaption might...
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    Episode 354

    Wow, thats pretty neat that you caught that. Easy Karma point. :ganishka:
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    Full scale all steel thick dragonslayer build

    Already looks pretty good!
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    Episode 356 part II

    I think that's a good idea! Maybe do a panel by panel for this latest episode too. :ganishka:
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    Episode 356

    I wonder if were going to see any "flow of time" shenanigans. Like is a year going to pass on the island when we switch back to Guts perspective? I feel like thats to be expected, but I hope we switch back at the exact same moment that we left off.
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    Episode 356

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    Episode 356

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