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    What Are You Playing?

    I decided to get the new Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS. It's a good game. It's just that the 3DS brings pain to my hands.
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    Favorite Arc

    Rickert hype! But seriously, I think it would have been best to leave Fantasia out of the vote until it is at least close to finished.
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    Episode 337

    It doesn't matter how many volumes ago the Hill of Swords was though. Everything that was presented in the Hill of Swords is still relevant when understanding who Griffith is. I love the fact that Griffith is an amalgamation and I think because of that he is not invulnerable. Griffith is still...
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    Looking for some recommended board/card games?

    Even the base game requires quite a bit of strategy. Some of the early presets may not seem like they require much thought, but there are plenty of card combinations that will require a lot of thought and effort to win. Having the card piles be the same is necessary to eliminate an arbitrary...
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    Karma Unleashed: Give Props or Disapproval for Posts

    If I had been here longer then I certainly would have been obligated to post a lot more "thank you" fluff comments. :ganishka: I think the karma system will bring a further incentive to put more effort into each post. Plus it's neat to see one's karma quantified! :carcus:
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    How did you find out about Berserk?

    The reason I got into Berserk was because of Dark Souls. After learning that a lot of Miyazaki's inspiration for Dark Souls came from Berserk I knew I had to check it out. I watched the first episode and thought it was pretty cool so I ordered the first volume off Amazon and continued purchasing...
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    Looking for some recommended board/card games?

    I've played a a fair share of Dominion and I have to ask, were you just playing the base game? It's highly unlikely that you would be playing with all of the expansions, but just one or two added expansions really changes up the game. The added cards are incredibly clever and game-changing. I...
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    Favorite Arc

    Thanks for the quick reply, Walter!
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    Favorite Arc

    Interesting. Do you have a link to that source by any chance? I sort of agree. A lot has happened to build up to where we are now and I cannot wait to see how the Fantasia arc shapes up to be. It's near impossible for me to choose a favorite, but my vote will go toward the Black Swordsman arc...
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    Do you think Casca will be cured soon?

    Who else would Casca want to be with? I think she will inevitably regain clarity and be more mindful of reality. After that happens she will see Guts for who who he is again and most likely form a positive relationship with him. I think we will see her in fighting form once again so she can take...
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    Why do people say it went downhill after the Golden Age Arc?

    Whether it's a flashback or not is irrelevant. The aspect of length is fairly subjective, but in terms of why the Golden Age may be seen as more enjoyable is possibly because of the pacing. Haha I know, I know. Foolish to you, but not to those who think the Golden Age is the best. From their...
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    Why do people say it went downhill after the Golden Age Arc?

    I don't agree with this statement, but I can maybe think of some reasons for why the story seems to go downhill after the Golden Age. For starters, the Golden Age is about 10 volumes long and the story progresses quickly (you get to see a ton of Guts' life) and so you can see a lot of character...
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    Berserk Headlong kit 1:8 painted and customized

    Re: Berserk Headlong kit 1:8 painted and personalized Very impressive! I love the colors used. :beast:
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    Skullknight.NET Podcast: Episode 50

    Good in-depth discussion like always. Lots of funny moments too when talking about the apostles in Falconia. :ganishka: I really like The Morning Departure episode when Guts decides to leave the Band of the Falcon. A tense and sad moment for everyone involved. It's a great way to show off...
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    I'd say it's worth it. I binge-watched both seasons over the span of about two weeks and it kept me wondering how things would play out. I'm looking forward to season 3 when that starts up. There's a lot of good character development and interesting stories that take place.
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