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    Zodd's backstory?

    First let me preface this by saying, I had a small surgery so I'm a little messed up on pain pills right now so I hope this makes sense. I could not agree with you more. I myself fell into this pitfall early on, but over the years have come to terms with the fact that Zodd isn't really...
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    Volume 34 cover

    simply amazing, I really like the darker shades of colors used, probably one of my favorite covers to date.
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    What Ganishka said in episode 235

    I was afraid that I had been looking into it too much, thanks for clearing it up. :zodd: :guts: that is exactly what it makes him sound like.
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    What Ganishka said in episode 235

    Hey all first message board post ever so try to go a little easy on me. :guts: My question is about something Ganishka says in vol 27 that has been nagging me forever, I've searched the forum for a topic discussing this or I guess I should say answering this but haven't found anything, but I'm...
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