SPECIAL: SkullKast in Japan (Days 1–4)


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SPECIAL: SkullKast in Japan (Day 1) (53m)

Daily Release 1 of 4!

SkullKast members @Walter, @Aazealh, @Grail, and @Gobolatula recently flew over to the northernmost island of Japan – Hokkaidō – to attend the first installment of the Great Berserk Exhibition taking place since Japan reopened its border to foreign tourists. We went to the big event four times over the course of a week, and recorded a podcast at the end of each day to document our thoughts and our overall traveling adventures. You can also check out our big posts on the exhibition, along with tons of images here.

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These are some of my favourite podcasts in a while honestly really enjoyed them, it's crazy how many cool things happened to you guys during your travels. That onsen story was hilarious :ganishka: you seemed like you all had a really great time and had a lot of unexpected adventures along the way. And I can't imagine seeing the original pieces it must have been intense, and being the super fans you guys are I'm not surprised that you really went in depth and analysed all the pieces at the exhibition, I'm also not surprised that Aaz wasn't going to let anyone interrupt his analysis as he inspects each piece like a connoisseur lol. it also gave me a better taste of the exhibition, because I don't think I'll ever be able to go.
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