Author Topic: One thing about the battle around Floras home that bothers me...  (Read 1153 times)

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Every single one of Griffith's plans has had a bit of a flare to it.  There always seems to be sneak attacks, feints, moral victories...he never just brutally crushes people.  And yet so near as I can tell, that is just what the battle at Flora's home was.  So I'm beginning to wonder, what sort of alterior motive will we discover Griffith had in choosing to kill Flora at that place, at that time?

Personally, I think he WANTED Guts to dawn the berserker armor.  To what end, its hard to tell.  Perhaps there is some sort of vague connection between the Berserker armor, the brand, and Guts being Griffiths sacrifice which somehow benefits Griffith's goals.  As a member of gods hand with an unknown connection to Idea, it's hard to tell just what knowledge he is privy to.  However even before his transformation, he always displayed unbeleivable intuition and means of uncovering information.

Other than that, what other theories can you guys come up with?  Or do you really think it was as simple as eliminating a threat?
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Re:One thing about the battle around Floras home that bothers me...
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It is a stragetic move. When you see one enemy, you put yourself at an advantage by sending 100 after that one.

In the past he needed sneak attacks, etc. Here he was simply using his resources because he could.