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  • I wanted to let everyone know that I know the text formatting options look funky, and that's because it was changed automatically during a recent forum upgrade. Aaz and I are working on restoring it back to its usual lovely self. So please bear with us until that's all patched up and back to normal. Thanks!
    Been running on very little sleep these days. Was up 'til about 2am getting the podcast finished last night. Gonna need to eliminate my sleep debt soon, and there's no relief on the horizon. As much as I loved reading and talking about 361, it will honestly be nice to just snooze through the rest of the month when it comes to Berserk.
    Gonna commit to not reading the 361 thread until the full ep is available for download on Hakusensha. Don't think I've ever successfully done that throughout all these years... But this could be a big one.
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