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After dinner last night, I went out for drinks with my wife and some friends. I ordered an old fashioned with a bourbon I've never tried before (Whistle Pig). When it arrived, I took a sip. It tasted very... sugary. The bourbon didn't hit me at all. Initially, I thought: Maybe it's just THAT smooth! So in the name of science, I drank some more, and some more; each time trying to gauge whether or not there was bourbon. I drank the whole stupid thing and concluded at the very end: Yeah I think they forgot to add the bourbon. I told the waitress, and she looked into my glass and then at me, and said: You drank it though? THAT'S NOT THE POINT LADY! Meanwhile, my wife says her drink tastes TOO strong. I think they added my bourbon into her drink. So technically we still got our money's worth...? But I'm still upset, guys.

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