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Anime Asylum / Berserk and the state of the anime industry
« on: July 20, 2011, 01:57:02 AM »
Seeing what has been going on over the past several years with the anime industry as whole, we must realize that it probably wouldn't have made a difference which studio licensed to adapt Berserk. Whether it's the almighty anime giants such as Toei Animation, Sunrise, OLM, Studio Pierrot, or the smaller and more obscure ones like Studio 4°C and Bee Train, this Berserk OVA would nevertheless still have come out CGI animated and looking like some cheap-ass PSP video game. Both due to economic downturn (which has hit Japanese animation pretty hard) and ongoing "modern" animation trends, the animation companies throughout Japan have been massively laying off their long-time production staff and veteran animators, artists (which includes ink and paint artists, touch-up artists and background artists), editors, scriptwriters, composers and so forth. These veteran workers have been partly displaced by younger and less experienced staff that have barely graduated animation schools or are still interns and thus are much cheaper to afford, and partly by computer animation. No doubt, that these recent and on-going industry-wide dismissals and purges of such experienced and valuable long-time talent and their replacement with computers have resulted in such glaring drop in animation quality. Whether it's the characters' misshapen and non-symmetric facial features, their body parts appearing to be not proportionate to one another, and their physical movement itself looking so unnaturally stiff and bone-dry (with Zodd's flapping his wings and flying off into the air, and the Guts' charging towards the screen/Griffith with his sword being some of the most jarring examples), it shows. One must keep in mind that just until 8-10 years ago, the studios had people who worked to make certain that none of these things occurred. But now that their functions have been taken over by computers, this is the result that we now see, as exemplified by the screens that Griff has posted.

Before I start this topic, please forgive me if this has already been discussed before.

Anyways, I've been reading the Eclipse event in vols 13, and 14. And apart from all the hell literally breaking loose, in the midst of this Casca gets raped by Femto and Guts gets almost devoured by those monstrosities and they're both saved by the Skull Knight himself. One thing I do wanna know is, could've Guts saved Casca without hacking off his own arm? I know that Guts' left arm was trapped inside one of those demons' mouths, and he had to do whatever he could in order to cut himself loose (no pun intended). But I always speculated, that instead of resorting to cutting off his left arm with his sword, he could've used it as a crowbar and place it between that demon's teeth and then force that thing's jaws open and pull his arm out. Afterwards he would've still kept his actual arm and wouldn't have to get that iron prosthetic one.
So why didn't he do it? In my opinion, it was either because his left arm was already chewed up by that demon and there was nothing that Guts could've done about it, or there simply was not enough time, and if Guts were to try and save his arm, he could've risked Casca getting killed, and when he had a choice between saving his limb or rescuing Casca, he chose the latter option.

Can someone please help me with something?
I've been a fan of Berserk for several years now, but there's one thing that I can't understand. What exacrly happens to Griffith during his jail time at the tower of Rebirth? I already have the vol 1-11 in English with the exception of volumes 9 and 10. I also own the vol 1-7 and 11-19 in its original Japanese format. Now I know that Griffith gets tortured, and when I saw him in vol 11, he appears as if he has just been brought out of Nazi concentration camp after doing hard time there. So can anyone tell me what have Griffith's torturers have done to him, and please spare me no details.

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