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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 344
« on: June 23, 2016, 08:02:04 PM »
I already answered that twice in the thread. They are not implying that it has been a short time, just voicing their disbelief that he'd left the island instead of, I don't know, dying or hiding out or something. It's not specified. And the old man greets Puck by saying "it's been a long time".

Now even putting that aside, keep in mind that Puck and Judo had met before the Band of the Falcon was even a thing. So Puck has been away for several years at the very least, and for all we know he's been roaming the world for 30 years. If it had been so short a time, that'd mean 5 years would go by everyday or something, which is simply untenable from a storytelling perspective. So please ease up on that front guys, we'll get there eventually.

Gotcha. That makes sense. I must have read what you had wrong earlier. Still, great episode!

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 344
« on: June 23, 2016, 06:34:52 PM »
This is such an info dump! It feels like when the party went to Flora's mansion. And I feel like the best is yet to come in the following episodes. Can't wait to get the implications of the current world laid out by King of the Flower Storm.  Perhaps we'll even get a confirmation on the Moonlight boy's identity (at least for the party).

And then theirs the ritual to restore Casca. Might this happen in the next several episodes? We'll see.

But back to this episode, Aaz, are you sure the mention of the other Spiritual Trees being attacked is something that was going on off screen before the world merging? The mention of time flowing much faster outside the island seems to be recurring, and the witches seem to be referring to it regarding Puck as well. Maybe I read Puella's translation wrong, but aren't they asking if he really left since it didn't seem like he disappeared for that long?

It doesn't change the fact that the Trees were attacked, but the stakes would certainly be upped if every moment they are there Griffith is tightening his grip on the mainland.

FeebleCurse you're not really helping your case here. This comes off like a temper tantrum and gets worse with every personal attack and insult thrown at the mods, when it's clearly the community who is down voting based on your tone or refusal to back up your claims with specific references from the manga. The mods here may seem tough and strict on accuracy, but they've been following this series for almost fifteen years and been discussing and analyzing it nearly daily. Just look at the post count. And they back up their 'opinions' with specific evidence and take exhaustive time to respond point by point to people to prevent misconceptions that just confuse new comers.

And there have been plenty of misconceptions out there preceicely because people don't correct them. Stuff from poor translations, or speculation run wild. Guts being a son of Zodd or Elves, or the Beast of Darkness being distinct from Guts, or Mozgus being an Apostle, or there being a real Dragon from Godot's story, Griffith not caring about his comrades... This stuff runs wild, and it affects peoples interpretation AND enjoyment of the story. 

No one's being unfair to you. Make some quality posts and you'll get upvotes. Promise.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! If you are seeing this post, it's because you in one way or another have been instrumental in the funding of this project. Even a simple "like" or "share" goes a long way. A heartfelt thank you for dealing with our non-stop annoying updates. We promise to make you proud with the end result. We made it to 118% and all excess funds will go to additional visual effects and production design. Thank you again, so much.

Wow! That's wonderfull! Sadly I could not donate for the project because I'm ridiculously poor but the premises interested me a lot so I'll keep my eyes open for any update on your project. Good job Bob.

You can always like us on Facebook and pimp it out to your millionaire friends :)  We'll send out updates from there regularly.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 344
« on: June 22, 2016, 07:59:13 PM »
WOW! Tons of stuff is happening. It's great that the King of the Flower Storm lives in a Cherry Blossom Tree the size of a building. Very appropriate and iconic. It'll be interesting to see what this gallery of dreams entails. 

More interesting though is this news that the Falcon of Light is attacking Spiritual Trees all over. This seems like more than a reference to Flora's mansion. Could their time on the island already be moving them past events happening elsewhere? Is some type of purge happening outside? The fact that the witches thought Puck was gone for just a day or so, seems to back this up. But time will tell.

Thanks for the fast translation Puella! And thanks Aaz!

Hey everyone,

WE DID IT! We just passed 100% on our initial Goal!  This means the movie is happening! Thank you so much for all the donations!

And it ain’t over yet. We've got 12 more hours. 12 more hours to ask What IF? We can do a hell of a lot with a $13,200 micro Indie Film budget, but what IF we had the budget to add an extra shooting day? What IF we had more money for visual effects? How far can we take this thing? All extra donations beyond our goal go to STRETCH GOALS, to make our movie EVEN BETTER. So if you were meaning to donate but haven’t yet, you can still make a difference.

And as always, here’s a little something for your trouble, we recently did a Radio Interview for the short that can be listened to here. Great for the ride home.

And here’s a recent write up we received in Serious Wonder magazine

It sounds like this is going to be one of those "junk food" games, games that have no substance so once the novelty of it wears off it's no longer enjoyable. With that said, I have enough sucker in me to buy it because Berserk. I hope it ends up pleasantly surprising us.

As long as it's a good junk food game...

I'm fully expecting this to just be a fun hack and slash with some minor cut scenes between to stitch together a story. And honestly, I'm fine with that. I'm not expecting a Bioware quality game, just a fun combat game that allows me to fight armies from my favorite series. On that front I think it'll be a success.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 343
« on: June 21, 2016, 08:37:49 PM »
It can't come soon enough!

Speculation Nation / Re: Just out of curiosity...
« on: June 21, 2016, 03:36:04 AM »
It's hard to say, but we know that Skull Knight had access to some type of oracle, very likely Flora, and it's possible that Guts just fit the bill as someone who had a chance to make a difference. He mentions knowledge that he was born of a corpse and that he'd make a last stand with a broken sword. Perhaps for some reason Skull Knight is unable to make the final moves against the God Hand, but he can prepare someone else who can. Rumor mill has it that Zodd once fit this description but had a fall to the 'dark side,' hence their friend / foe relationship. It's possible he was previously in a similar situation as Guts.

I'd say he chose to meet him because the timing was right. SK knew that Guts had set in motion everything that would lead to the Eclipse (again likely through an oracle) and he decided to give him a cryptic warning. And it's a good thing he did, because Guts spent a year mountain training at Godot's to be able to face the likes of Zodd after that encounter.

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Ransom Video

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Thank you guys so much! It really goes a long way! I just added new rewards as well in case any of you want to come to Chicago and be in the movie. It'll be a good time.

Raised my pledge. Hope you make it.

Thanks Aaz, I really appreciate it.

We’ve had some very generous support so far from the Skull Knight community and I want to thank everyone who’s helped us make our movie ‘The Replacement’ a reality. It really means a lot. We’ve recently signed on Mike Bove, ( a three time Emmy winning cinematographer to shoot the film. 

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Character Cove / Re: What Apostle/Creature did you like the best?
« on: June 16, 2016, 08:30:54 PM »
Honestly the Count is a fantastic design. He's just so creepy and original looking. And that mouth...

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk Anime for 2016
« on: June 15, 2016, 08:27:07 PM »
Given everything they're skipping or cutting out, it's going to be a clusterfuck if/when they get to the Millennium Falcon arc and beyond.

Agreed. There will be little conflict for Guts to backslide into his Apostle hunting ways instead of protecting Casca. Probably no Beast of Darkness. That entire conflict is central to the character, not to mention a huge influence for the Berserker armor.  And if we don't see Apostles until after birth ceremony, aside from the Beherit apostle, I feel like a casual audience is going to be really confused as to who all these monster men are. The Black swordsman arc and Lost Children chapter does so much world building that pays off later, I feel like they're hamstringing themselves and don't even realize it.

Not to mention that Guts won't be getting a beherit from the Count or Snake Baron in this version...

And ultimately they are skipping stuff to race towards a red light. What happens if the show is popular and they catch up to the series? I bet they'll wish they took they're time then.

I imagine there will be factions like the Dynasty Warriors games. Possibilities include:



old Band of the Hawk (New and Old)

New Band of the Hawk

Black Swordsman
-Berserker Guts

- King of Midland?
-Count Julious
-Sir Owen
-Sir Raban
-White Tiger knight Commander

Holy See

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk Anime for 2016
« on: June 13, 2016, 03:23:40 PM »
God Dammit. How do they fuck this up this badly? Not only does the animation look like a mixed bag between 'maybe acceptable' and 'pastel garbage,' but they decided to make a 24 episode season and cut out 2 full arcs. I get that the Conviction arc feels a bit more epic, but c’mon! They have so much room to work with. I was expecting an abridged Black swordsman and Lost Children Arc to at least show how Guts kinda loses it on his quest for vengeance against apostles before getting pulled back to save Casca. I could have lived with that, even if we only see him go after one of the three prominent ones we see, and imply some others through a montage. That could have worked, and we’d see Guts go BERSERK as a vehicle of rage and vengeance, that he struggles with as the series goes on.

But without any of that, how is it even going to make sense? He leaves with the Dragon Slayer (to do what?) fights a possessed tree and some skeletons only to be immediately captured by the Holy Iron Chain Knights, escapes and heads back right away to find out Casca ran off.  There is so much wrong here. For example:

-Why are the H.I.C.K.s even after him if he hasn’t left a wake of dead bodies as the Black Swordsman? He’s just some random guy with a big sword, unless they are pinning the Eclipse on him.

-What is Guts going on a quest for if he doesn’t encounter any Apostles? Will our audience even remember what the Apostles are by the time they appear much later on (whoops).

-Will we even have enough time to set up Casca giving birth to the demon child, locking her up with Rickert and Godot, getting the Dragon Slayer, and meeting Puck. Is this all in the same episode as the skeletons and Collete? How?

-How will there be any character arc between an enraged Guts who wants to destroy the God Hand, and one who wants to protect the only person left to him.  You have to set up the first part of him to lead into the second.

-How do a bunch of amateur knights like the H.I.C.K.s manage to overpower the Hundred man Slayer if he’s not already beaten to a pulp.

-Are we cutting the Beast of Darkness too now?

-Does Guts get a beherit?

Okay, rant done. Here’s the only way I can see them salvaging this knowing what we know now.

The first episode would have to be a longer one, maybe 40 min. There is precedent for this. We open with a minor flashback to the eclipse out of a nightmare from Guts and we find that Casca has wandered off from the cave. Guts finds her and we have the demon child birth, pissing off Guts more. They do the whole DS intro, including with the pig apostle, and this prompts him to go off.  They then show us Guts Black swordsman period in an extended montage sequence, showing several Apostles he’s killed and how he sheds his humanity more and more with each passing encounter, and he gets a beherit near the end implying that he’s on a dark path. He meets Puck somewhere during this and we finally have someone questioning what he’s doing and why he’s so gloomy. We have ‘The Brand’ episode with Collete and the skeletons and Guts is near a breaking point, and this is where the H.I.C.K.s encounter him, near the corpse of a child they accuse him of murdering.
Continue from Conviction arc onward.

That’s a lot to cover in the first episode, but I think it might be possible. If they did this, it would be far from ideal, but I thing you could still get the core of what the series needs to propel into the Conviction arc. My faith that they’ll do this is super low though.

I guess I may have to revisit this series as a part of Redux as well to fix these awful colors and include the Black Swordsman episode. God Dammit.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the support so far.

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Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk Anime for 2016
« on: May 26, 2016, 02:12:17 PM »
Someone posted this on Reddit.  Thought I'd share.

Guts Character Design:

Thank you guys so much! It means a lot!  :ubik:

Here's some additional content from the movie, a commercial set in world, Robocop style:

Please spread the word, we need donors!

Thanks, you guys are awesome!

Hey Skullknighters,

So I've just launched my first Kickstarter project. I've worked in Film for about fifteen years now doing shorts, commercials, and occasional feature work, and now I've decided to make an ambitious project of my own.  It's a dark comedy called 'The Replacement' and it's set in a future where people grow their own memory sharing clones as often as they get new outfits. Living parallel lives, the clones can become experts at things much faster, with some going to different university, others practicing music, others exploring the world. They start changing the world for the better, but their natural born originals can't share memories; instead they get a small hare of each of their clones wage.   

It's a world where normal people are unemployable and can't aspire to anything because their clones are just taking care of everything. And it pisses a lot of people off, who see their clones living out all their own dreams of fame and talent. The movie is set on election night as our main character flips through channels seeing his clone on each one in different roles until he finds his clone elected as the first clone President. And he's had enough.

If you guys are interested, I'd appreciate any support you can give, even if it's just to share it around on social media. This is a pretty tight community and I'm hoping to get it out there a little more.

Here's the link

I'll have several fun updates to post as we progress. I'm happy to answer any questions as well.  :serpico:

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