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  • Finally got around to watching the Memorial Edition. It was way worse than I remember it being, and not even the welcomed added scenes did anything to salvage the bones of that project.

    The retroactive elevation the 2016 series did for the Studio 4C stuff is pretty impressive, I guess, because I fully went in thinking I was going to enjoy my time watching it. I did not.

    It just further punctuates my general disappointment for the series since Miura’s passing.
    Yeah, the 2016 awfulness caused people to retroactively beautify the 2012 trilogy, but the truth is it was really quite bad. Typical case of an adaptation that doesn't respect the original work.
    It's been a while, but I just re-read the scene where Mule meets Griffith for the first time, and I got chills all over again. Millenium Falcon is just so fucking amazing.
    Listened to some Susumu Hirasawa Berserk tracks today. For whatever reason, out of everything, Indra really hit me hardest, which is funny, because it's the song that I should have the least attachment to. I've never played Sword of the Berserk. I've never watched a playthrough. I've only read a plot summary a few times over the years.

    The piece is somber, with touches of ominous tension. But the underlying chords and arrangement suggest, at least to my imagination, qualities of hope and contentment.

    It's exactly the kind of music I might expect the series to end on. Something bittersweet, but satisfying all the same. And perhaps that's why it strikes me so viscerally in this moment.
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