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    Who will get along with Casca the best in Guts group?

    I always took that scene as Guts being bothered both by Casca's lingering feelings for Griffith, but mostly by his own feeling of resignation, which only proved him that he still thought himself way beneath Griffith. Is that quote the official Dark Horse translation, btw? 'Cause mine (Brazilian...
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    Berserk Saga Project News

    So, some Brazilian guy was a kind soul and uploaded the third movie's first 10 min on YT: PS.: If the person who uploaded it is seeing it, thank you ^^
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    Berserk Golden Age Arc II: Capture of Doldrey [Review]

    I voted for so-so, but I'm really not sure if poor wasn't the best option. I don't know if it's resignation, or numbness on my part after the utter disappointment the first film was, but I liked this one better. I know, I really tried not getting my hopes up from the start, and I thought I...
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    Gillia's things

    hahaha they're absolutely adorable!! Just like all of your other drawings as well, they're awesome! And Ganishka singing Tunak Tunak Tun was priceless :ganishka:
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    Adventures in YouTube

    I'm reviving the thread and I don't even know if it's any news, but I just found this interesting video of Gackupoid... It's very nice in itself, but there's an appearance of :zodd:, :femto: and :puck:! :troll: So watch it! ^-^
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    Episode 317

    The shampoo ad hair? :serpico: But anyway, absolutely loved the episode. Everything about it. Oh, and thanks for the summary, Aaz!
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    Scene it? Official Berserk Picture Game!

    Uploaded with Volume 10, second episode, when they're about to rescue Griffith. Now...
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    New Berserk animation project confirmed

    The only thing that bothers me is that if it`s supposed to be the scene Guts left the Hawks, it`s just wrong :azan: Guts wasnt wearing an armor! Plus, Griffith`s sword doesnt look broken, but there`s not enough to tell, really.... Thing is I cant tell any other scene that one was referencing...
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    Episode 315

    Haha that's something I've been looking forward to too :serpico: "Amazing *boiling*! why the hell didn't you us tell us earlier!!" (or something like that... :schierke:) I wonder if they'll turn to Casca to know stuff, since Guts himself doesn't open up much.
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    Isma's fate

    Idk... she was pretty enthusiastic about meeting new people and as said before... the island will be over :/ she's used to living alone, but that may be a chance for her to make friends. Personally, even though I liked her, I don't want her to join. For me, more people means less focus on...
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    Episode 314

    hum... if I remember right, when they were at the beach, Serpico did some job on Guts' mechanical arm, vol 27. Edit: Vol. 27, ep. 236 He said he only changed the layout, but we never know. Picolin likes hidden skills :iva:
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    Least Favorite Berserk Character

    Never cared about him - like Griffith said, don't hate him, don't love him, he was just there and got used (for the plot to move). I guess the character who bothered me more at the time was Farnese, before we got to know her better with all that annoying hypocritic church talk. But what can I...
  13. L in brazilian edition of Berserk!

    yeah, I know about instability, since I collect some of their publications and it's rather frustrating when they suddenly stop selling something :s Some say it's budget issue, is it right? On the other hand, I prefer the material they use, their translations and their prices (I got to buy my...
  14. L in brazilian edition of Berserk!

    so true :judo: really? well, I don't know if it's because I read in English first so it makes reading in other language weird, but I don't like it much. Lines can get very artificial. (ex: the choice for words like "maligno" instead of "ruim" or "mau", makes it a bit lame sometimes) It applies...
  15. L in brazilian edition of Berserk!

    I was rereading vol 2 yesterday and decided to read the other stuff that comes in it besides the story itself (advertisement and stuff) and guess what? I just stumbled upon "" :isidro: Now the forum is immortalized on an official berserk publication! \o/ haha It was just the...
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